How to create an alchemy room in V Rising

Players wishing to increase their potion crafting skill level in V Rising can create an alchemy room by finding and building the appropriate floor. V Rising is a top-down MMORPG where survival and crafting are the main part of the gameplay. The game begins with players taking on the role of a vampire awakened from a centuries-long slumber, who must now use craft to survive in the harsh world of V Rising.

As their base grows in V Rising, players will be able to increase their productivity by building specialized rooms. The first step in the construction of the Alchemy Lab is the construction of a walled room with at least a door frame. After that, players will need to cover the floor of the room with Alchemy Lab flooring, which is unfortunately quite difficult to acquire.

A structure that can prove invaluable to players when trying to get flooring in the Alchemy Lab is the Paper Press. However, this blueprint can be tricky to obtain in V Rising, as it is one of the random blueprints that can be found in the Training Hall in exchange for 75 scrolls. In order to obtain the blueprints for the Training Hall, players must defeat Nikolaus, the Fallen, a level 37 boss that can be tracked using the Blood Altar in V Rising.

How to open a table in the alchemy lab in V Rising

In order to get the alchemy lab floor in V Rising, players need to first build a research table and then combine it with 50 papers to get a random recipe, one of which can be the alchemy lab floor. Having an Alchemy Room will reduce the cost of resources by 25% and also significantly increase the production speed. Some of the structures that will be upgraded once the Alchemy Lab is built are the Blood Press, the Alchemy Table, and the Parasite Nest.

The process of obtaining an Alchemy Lab floor can be very time-consuming, as there is no way to guarantee that it will be obtained, and players will most likely have to purchase a large amount of paper in order to repeat the process until they are successful. This material can be obtained in many places, for example, in the bandit lumberjack camp in Farbane Forest, by defeating enemies and looting chests. In addition, it can be crafted with a paper press in V Rising: each individual sheet of paper will require 4 plant fibers and 12 sawdust, which are much easier to find and obtain than paper.

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