How to Convince Travis and Laura to Collaborate on The Quarry and Get the Above the Law Achievement

The Quarry has an intriguing narrative as a small choice can lead to an undesirable ending. To put it mildly, saving the nine main characters from constant danger is quite difficult. Especially when it comes to figuring out how to get to Silas, the White Wolf, as he is the one who is the cause of the curse.

Fortunately, in games like The Quarry there is always a way out. By following certain steps, players will be able to convince Travis to partner with Laura and find the White Wolf, ending the curse for good and unlocking the “Above the Law” achievement.

How to get the “Above the Law” achievement in The Quarry

To get Travis and Laura to work together, certain choices must be made over several chapters while the player controls Laura.

Prologue: Be honest

After Laura leaves Max to fix the car and goes to explore the forest, she will find some important clues and useful tarot cards. Also, Laura encounters a ghost that scares her into running to Max and begging him to start the car.

When both realize the car is stuck, Sheriff Hackett appears and pulls it out. When Travis questions the couple about the accident, it’s very important that Laura be honest, as this will help in later chapters.

Chapter 7: Find the syringe and don’t take the gun

When Laura meets with the group at the Pool House after Nick’s transformation, she tells them her story, becoming playable again. After Travis has Laura watch Max’s transformation, players must explore the police station.

In the last room on the second floor, there is a syringe in the closet. Take it and put it inside the crumbling brick found at the beginning of the chapter.

Further, when Travis returns from hunting, he will give Laura a poem to read, which describes how to deal with werewolves. The option “Take weapon” will appear, but don’t settle for it. Otherwise, Travis won’t trust Laura.

Later, when Travis comes running to check on Laura, who pretended to be ill, perform a QTE to calm him down and knock him out.

Chapter 9: Shoot Constance and Chris Hackett

At the time of Laura Constance’s capture in Chapter 9, successfully complete the QTE and Travis’ mother will get her face blown off.

Near the end of the chapter, when the player controls Ryan, Laura will transform and Chris Hackett will fight Bobby. When you have a choice, shoot Chris to heal Laura and Max.

This sequence of events will force Travis to seek the help of Laura and Ryan to find and kill Silas.

Selecting the “Suspicious” dialogue option will force Travis and Laura to work together, thereby earning the “Above the Law” achievement.

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