How to complete Resident Evil 4 without a merchant

How to complete the entire Resident Evil 4 without the help of a merchant. This means that you will rely mainly on your pistol, shotgun, and much later on the free Broken Butterfly (you will not have room for a rocket launcher).

Guide to walkthrough Resident Evil 4 without a merchant

Part 1: Village

The rustic part of RE4 is pretty straightforward. Avoid fights when you can, use a shotgun against large groups of enemies, headshot and kick when possible, use a knife whenever possible. The knife will save you ammo that will come in handy later.

Part 2: Castle

This part is a bit more difficult than the village, but the same tips apply here. Often, plugs fly out of the enemy’s head. Destroy them with a shotgun or flash grenade if you have one (I highly recommend saving them for this).

Some parts are extremely difficult without the help of the Merchant: the hedge maze, both fights with Garrador, Salazar, etc. I promise that all this can be completed with only a starting weapon and a butterfly (don’t miss it!).

And finally, we come to…

Part 3: War Island

Almost the same as in the first two areas: avoid fights as often as possible, hit enemies with a knife as often as possible, use a shotgun on large groups of enemies.

I have another piece of advice that will be of great help to you: the ladder trick. Climb the stairs, stand at the very top and start swinging the knife. This will help you defeat large groups of enemies and save ammo.

“But how can I defeat the Regenerators?” you ask. Pretty simple: shoot off the leg, avoid the bites, and stab. Eventually they would die, even the Iron Maidens.

The Krauser fight is fairly easy. Use the knife on him (this takes some practice).

In the fight with U3, run and pray in the first part, in the second use the butterfly, shotgun and explosive barrels.

Note: Don’t worry if you die.

Finally, we come to the final boss, the man behind the massacre, Saddler. Just use your weapons and beam levers. Grenades work especially well if you still have them.

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