How to Check the Status of Diablo Immortal Servers

Massively multiplayer live service games like Diablo Immortal are always prone to server issues that occur mostly due to scheduled maintenance, server overload, unspecified crash or other similar things. When the game servers are down, players cannot access Diablo Immortal to play it. Instead, they get network-related errors.

In this regard, many players want to know if the Diablo Immortal game servers are currently down? They also want to know how they can check the status of the Diablo Immortal server.

How to Check the Status of Diablo Immortal Servers

There are many ways to check the status of a Diablo Immortal server. You can find them below:

Blizzard Support and Official Twitter

Support Blizzard и official Twitter Diablo Immortal are two of the best ways to check the status of the game server or to know if any maintenance is planned for the Diablo Immortal server or not.

Diablo Immortal section on the official Blizzard website

Blizzard Entertainment’s official website has a separate section for all games, including Diablo Immortal. You can visit this section and check the tab “newsto learn about known issues, their possible fixes, and other such things.

It also publishes news about the upcoming maintenance of the server. And about unexpected server crashes.

Blizzard forums

The official Blizzard Entertainment forum is full of game enthusiasts and officials discussing the latest developments and the state of Blizzard games like Diablo Immortal. You can check the forum to see if the Diablo Immortal servers are down.


We have third party sites such as Down detector and others that share server status information for games like Diablo Immortal.

Because Diablo Immortal just came out. Third-party sites have not yet provided information about the status of the game’s servers. However, we’re sure that in a week or so you’ll be able to google the status of the Diablo Immortal server, and you’ll get a ton of sites tracking the status of the game’s server in real time.

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