How to change wrestler stats in menu in WWE 2K22

Wrestling fans are very sensitive to how their favorite wrestlers behave in the ring. Thanks to the presentation in WWE 2K22, wrestlers look more realistic than ever. Even such legends as Ted DeBise, Jake the Snake and Macho Man perfectly conveyed Macho Man’s demeanor in the ring. However, for a wrestling fan, the statistics and attributes of a wrestler are most important.

How to change the stats of a fighter

For example, if Hulk Hogan’s prime has too low recovery rates, then a fan may want to increase them in many of WWE 2K22’s settings. This guide will help players understand the wrestler’s attributes and how to customize them to their liking.

Where to find wrestler attributes

To access the wrestler’s attributes, the player needs to do the following:

  • Click How to change wrestler stats in menu in WWE 2K22/to access the WWE 2K22 options menu.
  • Select the “List” tab with a picture of Brock Lesnar.
  • Select Edit Superstar.
  • Select the desired wrestler to change attributes.
  • Click on the “Attributes” item in the menu.
  • This will give you a summary of the attack and defense statistics of the wrestler in the game.

WWE 2K22 Attribute Menu

The Attributes menu is where the player can customize their favorite wrestlers or characters to their liking.

  • Hand Strength: Determines how hard the wrestler punches.
  • Leg Strength: Determines how hard a wrestler can kick an opponent.
  • Grab Attack: This affects how much damage a grapple move does.
  • Charge Attack: This affects the damage dealt by all attacks while running.
  • Ariel Range: Determines how hard the wrestler hits his opponents with all air attacks.
  • Power Attack: Moves such as the Bear Hug and Trap Squash for heavyweights in WWE 2K22 will deal more damage.
  • Technique Attack: Techniques such as the Sleeper hold, Arrow hold, or armbar variations will be more effective.
  • Cancel Hits: This affects how much the wrestler is able to reverse punches.
  • Reverse Grip: This affects how much the wrestler manages to reverse the hold.
  • Air Turn: Affects the wrestler’s ability to deflect all air attacks.
  • Body Durability: Reduces damage dealt to the wrestler’s body.
  • Leg Durability: This reduces the damage dealt to the wrestler’s legs.
  • Power Hold Defense: This affects how well a wrestler can avoid power moves.
  • Technique Defense: This affects how well a wrestler can avoid techniques.
  • Pin Escape: This feature makes it easier for the wrestler to knock out submissions – the knockout indicator will have a wider range in the mini-game.
  • Strength: This stat affects the strength of the wrestler. A high value in this area means the wrestler will be able to take down heavyweights early in the match.
  • Endurance: Affects how long a wrestler lasts in the ring before their stamina drops.
  • Agility: This affects the speed at which the wrestler can climb turnstiles.
  • Movement Speed: Affects the movement speed of the wrestler in and out of the ring.
  • Recovery: Affects how quickly a wrestler can recover from an opponent’s attacks. This option is useful in special matches.
  • Special: This affects the rate at which the Attack Signature counter is built up. A high value means that it will be easier for the wrestler to accumulate several signature moves.
  • End: This affects the rate at which the counter of finishers is gained as a result of attacks. As with the special meter, a high value means the player will be able to rack up more finishing moves with ease.

The most important attributes in WWE 2K22 are the Pin Escape, Recovery, and Stamina stats. By having good performance in these areas, the wrestler will be less susceptible to damage and be more able to retaliate against the opponent. Boosting a wrestler’s attributes will also affect their overall ranking in WWE 2K22.

Hit ratio in WWE 2K22

The hit point ratio in WWE 2K22 has long been a subject of confusion for some players. Many manuals give incorrect information about its meaning. Some people get the impression that it affects the amount of damage the superstar deals to the enemy, or that increasing it makes that part of the body less vulnerable, but this is not the case.

In game terms, the definition of hit points is related to how much damage the character takes and how many hit points are subtracted from the hit point/energy bar. These rules also apply to WWE 2K22 and its predecessors.

Players can change how effective a wrestler is when taking damage to certain parts of the body by reducing the amount of hit points in that area. In other words, the more hit points a wrestler has, the more damage they take from head attacks, not less.

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