How to change car liveries in Gran Turismo 7

In Gran Turismo 7, cars are fully customizable, but you can only change the color and livery of any car after unlocking GT Auto. The GT Auto building is located in the lower right corner of the world map, but players will have to go through the cafe menu to unlock it. It may take some time to get far enough in Gran Turismo 7 to unlock the ability to change the color of cars, but the customization options are worth the wait.

There are seven café menus that you must complete to unlock GT Auto. Many of the early menus require players to obtain specific vehicles, so earning credits in Gran Turismo 7 will help you unlock customization options faster. Instead of winning specific cars in races, players can purchase them with credits to complete the Café Menu Book and move on to the next challenge. In addition, credits can be purchased with real money to unlock GT Auto even faster, but you don’t have to spend money to unlock settings.

After completing the first seven menu books in Gran Turismo 7, the GT Auto building will become available. Once in GT Auto, players will be able to choose the option to customize their car, after which it will be possible to enter the livery editor. In the livery editor, players will be able to change the color of their car, change the bodywork, add textures, and explore many interesting customization options. Any car, including the starter car, can be customized using the livery editor.

How to use the Livery Editor in Gran Turismo 7

Car customization in Gran Turismo 7 allows players to express their individuality and have a more personalized gaming experience. The outfit editor allows players to change the color of every part of the car, including the body, hood, fender, and side mirrors. There are also preset shapes and patterns that can be used on the car, and their size and position can be adjusted.

In the Gran Turismo 7 Livery Editor, players can add window decals and windshield banners to their vehicles. The decal editor also gives players the ability to search for community-created decals, including various logos and other decals uploaded to Gran Turismo 7. With new and new outfit editor features, players are likely to spend a lot of time customizing their cars in Gran Turismo 7.

For those who have played Gran Turismo Sport, previously created liveries can be downloaded into Gran Turismo 7. To do this, players need to log into the same PSN account that they used for Gran Turismo Sport, then go to the car settings section and select the livery download option. Along with tuning and other vehicle customizations, the livery editor allows players to personalize all of their vehicles in Gran Turismo 7.

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