How to catch a ghost in Ghost Watchers

Ghost Watchers was released to minimal fanfare but began to pick up steam over time. The multiplayer co-op horror game about catching ghosts can be played alone or with a gang, and voice interaction adds extra spice to the game. The game, however, handles the horror elements in its own way. The idea of ​​combining the stereotypical know-how of conventional exorcism with the “hunt and catch” mechanic was a jackpot. However, the game cannot be called beautiful in advance.

Players will have to spend some time in terrible places (alone or with a gang) in search of the mysterious stories they carry. While players don’t have a Pokedex to fill out, the game stands and shines on its own with a realistic experience and sound design that can scare even a horror fan (at least the first time around). Catching a ghost is tiring and requires a lot of patience, but it’s time well spent!

How to locate a ghost

The first step is to find the exact place where the spirits are hiding. Unfortunately, the maps in the game can be quite extensive, and you will have to work hard to determine the place where the ghost is hiding. Fortunately, the game provides enough tools to help with this.

Electromagnetic frequencies

Electromagnetic frequencies are the best assistant in this matter. Walking with this device, you can detect signs of EMF activity. When the readings start to go up, all that’s left to do is play the Colder and Warmer games until the readings go off the charts.


A digital thermometer is another reliable tool for determining where spirits are hiding. Abnormal temperature readings, well below average ambient temperature, may indicate signs of a ghost in the vicinity. Again, players can use EMP to double check if needed.

Particle sensor

Scans the particle counter, but the player must be in close proximity to the spirits.


Can be carried around or kept on the floor to hear any signs of interference, and sometimes even wailing or wailing spirits. This is suitable for spirits that move frequently. This is the equivalent of a mine, which can help determine the location of the last visit (after losing the test).

ultraviolet light

By shining ultraviolet light on the floor/ground, spirit footprints can be detected and help track the ghost to its new location. This is very useful for finding perfumes without EMF or particle sensors.

Ouija board

This tool probably ranks last in the ranking. The Ouija board does not help detect spirits, but it can eventually lead the person to the location. You need to be ready to defend, as the spirits answering questions are usually annoyed and want to kill.

A voodoo doll

Usually pairs well with a Ouija board. By placing it next to the Ouija board, you can make the doll move from side to side. This can help players prepare for what’s to come.


The second stage is more preparation. Hunting a sleeping spirit tends to annoy them and they will be out for blood. On the other hand, it’s more like the player is facing a high-level Pokémon in tall grass and has no way to escape. This step should be approached a little in advance and armed with all the necessary tools to resist the spirits and weaken them. The game provides enough tools, ranging from the most necessary to the absolute anti-demon gizmos. They have their uses, and it’s up to the player how wisely they use them.

Before moving on to the next step, players must wait for the right moment. The spirits/ghosts will eventually go for the kill, and they each have their own “kill animation”. Players should look for the first signs and use these tools wisely. A small slip here and there can end the game.


Players can throw Holy Salt, Fire Salt, Salt, Silver Bomb, Gold Bomb, Holy Water, or Holy Fire to weaken the spirits. Again, as mentioned earlier, the throw must be timely.

Rescue Holders

Players can equip the Cross, Christ, or three sticks of incense to protect themselves from the wrath of the spirits.

Dropped Items

Plasma Absorber and Withering Light are the last options. Throwing them on the floor and staying within range of them will protect the player from being killed.

The penultimate step will be to irritate the weakened ghosts even more. The game will offer any of the following actions (depending on the situation and location) to force the spirits to come to the player fully armed.

Enable “n” taps / disable “n” taps | Turn on “n” lights / turn off “n” lights. After completing the task, the player must move the cursed doll from its original location to another room. This will allow the spirit to come out of hiding and lunge at the player.

Ghost capture

Step Four: Since the ghost is visible to the naked eye, the players must run towards the wandering spirit and throw the ball to catch the ghosts. If you think about it, the mention of tall grass a few paragraphs above starts to make sense. Once the ghost is caught, the player must take possession of the ball to end the game.

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