How to carve pumpkins in Minecraft

Pumpkins are a fruit block in Minecraft that can be cut into carved pumpkins or lanterns. To carve a pumpkin, players need to craft scissors, a tool used primarily for shearing sheep and mining various types of blocks. To craft scissors in Minecraft, players must obtain two iron ingots. Iron ingots are commonly found in treasure chests in various biomes in the Minecraft world, ranging from mines to fortresses. However, the easiest way to obtain iron ingots is to smelt iron ore.

Iron ore, also known as “iron”, is a mineral block that naturally forms between Y:72 and Y:-64. Players will find the most ore between Y: -24 and Y: 56, while level Y: 16 has the highest chance to spawn an ore. Once players have collected two blocks, they can place the iron in a normal stone furnace or blast furnace. A furnace can be made using eight blocks of cobblestone, while a blast furnace requires a furnace, five iron ingots, and three blocks of smooth stone. Smooth stone is obtained by smelting cobblestone in a furnace.

After players make scissors using two iron ingots, they will be able to carve one side of the pumpkin to make a Jack-O-Lantern in Minecraft. Players can use carved pumpkins in several unique ways. The first way is to use a pumpkin as a helmet by equipping it through the character’s equipment menu. The pumpkin does not provide any armor bonuses, but it will prevent the Enderman from becoming enraged when the player looks at him.

How to use carved pumpkins in Minecraft

Carved pumpkins can also be used to create golems in Minecraft, namely the Snow Golem and the Iron Golem. To make a snow golem, players must place two blocks of snow and use a Jack O’ Lantern as the head. Snow golems will throw snowballs at hostile mobs, making them great defenders until the enemy reaches them. An iron golem, a more formidable creature, can be crafted with four blocks of iron, two of which serve as the body and two as the arms. Although this recipe calls for a lot of iron ingots, the iron golem is one of the best home defenses.

The final way to use carved pumpkins in Minecraft is to decorate buildings. Like knotweed in Lush Caverns, players often like to have a block more for its decorative qualities than its utility. Jack o’Lantern is perfect for the spooky Halloween-themed buildings and structures in Minecraft.

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