How to bury Baumann in concrete in Sniper Elite 5

During the Guernsey Fortress mission in Sniper Elite 5, players will be faced with an assassination mission, the essence of which is to bury Lanzo Baumann in concrete. While this quest is optional, those who complete it will be rewarded with a Type 100 SMG pistol for their efforts. For those players who are really interested in unlocking this secondary weapon, this guide details two different ways to complete the assassination challenge in Sniper Elite 5.

How to find and eliminate Lanzo Baumann in Sniper Elite 5

The first step to completing this optional objective is to search for Lanzo Baumann, who can be found at the construction site in the northeast corner of the Sniper Elite 5 Guernsey Fortress mission. More precisely, the target is usually located in an office building in the southeast corner of the construction site, and the search area that appears on the map will help players pinpoint its location. Once a fan finds Baumann, they can bury him in concrete in one of two ways.

The easiest way to bury Baumann starts with Sniper Elite 5 players sneaking up on the target and placating them. As a result of this action, Baumann will pass out, and the players must take the body to the concrete mixer, which is located east of the office. Upon arriving at the location, players must interact with the railing next to the concrete mixer and then throw the immobilized target into the pool of cement below to complete the kill mission.

Alternatively, players can avoid direct collision with the target by heading straight for the aforementioned railing. Players must then destroy both the railing and the adjacent mixer, as this will interfere with Baumann’s investigation. After completing the investigation, the target will lean against the damaged railing and eventually fall into the cement pool, completing the requirement of the “Murder at Guernsey Keep” quest in Sniper Elite 5.

It should be noted that some players are reporting that they are not getting credit for completing this quest, preventing them from getting the Type 100 SMG. In particular, the second method, which seems to be a targeted approach, is causing problems for fans of sniper video games. Players who find themselves in this situation are advised to reload an old save and try again as this strategy has helped resolve some of the game’s other issues.

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