How to build a processing plant in Dune: Spice Wars: solarium fast farm

Spice is an extremely important resource in Dune: Spice Wars and players should aim to get it very quickly once the game starts. In order to collect spice, fans must first set up a processing plant, and the way this is done may not be immediately obvious. For those players who are confused about how to build a Refinery in Dune: Spice Wars, the full process can be found in this guide.

How to build a processing plant

The first step to building a processing plant is to find spice deposits – areas marked on the map with purple icons. Notably, players should see one of these icons as soon as the game starts, and it is recommended that you point your first ornithopter towards it. Exploring the area near the spice field, the ornithopter should discover a village that RTS fans should send their military units to.

After a successful military campaign against a village adjacent to the spice field, players must select the settlement and select the “take control” option. For complete clarity, this option is visualized as a flag on the right side of the village information panel, and water and power are required to perform this action. While taking control of a settlement is not instantaneous, it does happen fairly quickly and all requirements for building a refinery in this Dune video game will be met when it does.

Indeed, players who choose a controlled village should find that they can now build buildings in it. To continue building, fans of 4x games should click on the “+” in the “Buildings” section to open a menu showing all possible options. This menu is divided into three sections, and players with the necessary resources can select a refinery from the economy section on the left. Players can then place the building on the map and wait for the building to finish.

After the construction of the processing plant is completed, players will be able to place a harvester in the building. By default, these machines produce 20 spices per cycle, but fans can increase their production by providing them with crews. However, players must be careful with their harvesters as they can be destroyed by Dune’s sandworms. The easiest way to avoid this outcome is to enable the automatic call of the harvester, although using this function reduces the spice yield by 5%.

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