How to break the stone statue in Storm Veil Castle in Elden Ring

While most of the items scattered around the Storm Veil Castle in Elden Ring are fairly easy to collect, this is not the case for all items. For example, there are items locked inside a stone statue in the castle’s central courtyard, and some players may get confused on how to access them. This guide details how to break the stone statue in Storm Veil Castle, allowing players to retrieve the items stored in it.

How to break the stone statue in Thunder Veil Castle

Enter through the east door that leads to the courtyard and follow the brick path to the east. This path will lead you to a small staircase that will eventually turn north towards another staircase and the Troll. This Troll is the key to destroying the Storm Veil Castle stone statue, and you must approach him to force the enemy to chase you.

With the Troll, you should run back towards the Place of Grace, swerving to the left towards the stone statue whenever possible. Now all that remains is to wait for the giant to step on the statue and break it, as this will open the players of the Ring of Elden access to locked items. Fans may want to get rid of the Troll before attempting to claim these items, however they can reset the enemy by resting at the nearby Place of Grace if they prefer.

As for the details of the items in the Storm Veil Castle Stone Statue, they are five blacksmithing stones. [1] and one blacksmith stone [2]. These materials are very important as they are used to upgrade weapons, and players should definitely take the time to collect the ones in the statue. However, it is possible to buy a blacksmith’s stone in the end [1] and [2] in Elden Ring, which means it’s not that hard to miss these specific materials.

For those players who are wondering how to acquire these stones, the first step is to get the key item from Raya Lukaria’s Tunnel. This optional dungeon is located in Liurnia, and the item must be given to the Steadfast Twin Handmaids in the Round Table Keep. Notably, players can completely bypass Storm Veil Castle if they want to unlock the ability to buy Blacksmith Stones. [1] and [2] before they complete the level.

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