How to become a captain and name your ship in Sea of ​​Thieves

Rare’s popular open-world pirate game Sea of ​​Thieves is constantly evolving. Since its launch in 2018, the game has undergone massive changes that have not only helped improve the overall gaming experience, but also attracted a dedicated fan base on both Xbox and PC platforms. What’s more, Sea of ​​Thieves even crossed paths with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean to offer a new experience for those who prefer to get involved in story mode rather than fighting others on the high seas.

The game’s move to a seasonal model has also proved beneficial, allowing players to opt into the Battle Pass for even more rewards, from ship cosmetics to currency and other resources. Despite being delayed at the last minute, Season 7 is finally out in full and brings with it some highly requested features from the fans. From the new seasonal rewards to the continuation of the game’s story, the biggest addition in Season 7 is the life of a ship’s captain.

Finally, Sea of ​​Thieves players can officially take on the role of a ship captain, owning a ship and customizing it to their liking. New logbooks, milestones, shipprite services, and even the Sovereign faction make it easier for the player to transition into the role of a full-fledged captain. Here is everything a player needs to know to become a full-fledged ship captain.

How to become a captain in Sea of ​​Thieves

To become a captain, players must select the “My Ships” option instead of choosing a ship type from the main menu. For newcomers to the game, it will be possible to purchase one of three types of ships:

  • Galleon: The largest ship, the Galleon is best for a group of four players. It is also the most expensive – 500.000 gold;
  • Chestplate: Small groups of 2-3 players are more likely to use the Chestplate, which is not as big and is more manageable. Its cost is also 375.000 gold;
  • Sloop: The last option is also the smallest, great for solo players or a group of two. Its cost is 250.000 gold.

It’s worth noting that while players can own 15 ships at a time, they’ll have to complete all development stages for a particular ship first to earn a Legendary title before another ship of the same type can be purchased. After purchasing a ship, players can give it a name and set sail.

Removing a ship from the fleet is very simple: before sailing, select “Dismantle”. Keep in mind that this will remove all progress made in the Miles Stone and Trinket for that ship.

Ship personalization

Now in the open world, captains can decorate their ship, starting with the usual sails, hull, figures, and ending with the captain’s cabin itself. Known as “Ship Decorations”, these options are exclusive to captains, so even if the team has been given permission to change the ship’s cosmetics, the captain’s quarters remain off-limits.

When viewing the ship customization chest as a captain, the “Ship Decorations” menu will be available, which has many options for things such as captain’s tables, captain’s curtains, captain’s beds, captain’s carpets, captain’s chairs, captain’s chandeliers and captain’s curtains. Some options, such as a chair, a chandelier, and curtains, are specific to the Galleons, so they will not be available to sloop and brigantine captains. It’s also worth noting that some of these decorations can be quite expensive, so captains need to make sure they have enough wealth or else they’ll have to go on a treasure hunt.

Baubles and milestones

Fortunately, buying decorations is not the only way to decorate a ship. Trinkets, which are decorations or trophies, can be placed almost anywhere on the ship. They symbolize a significant achievement made during the game and are unlocked in the shipmaster’s trinket shop. Here, players can review each of them and the requirements needed to unlock them.

In the game menu in the “Ship Log” section, players are offered a new development system called “Milestones”. They keep track of how the player plays the game and include a wide range of tasks, from performing 25 repairs on the player’s ship, to longer-term tasks such as getting gold as a member of a certain faction, and many other activities. As a captain or as part of a team of captains, players will progress through these achievements, which unlock new trophies to further customize the ship, including banners.

Other Captain’s Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of owning a ship is that you can fully customize it and save those settings between sessions. By interacting with the ship customization chest at any outpost, the player can choose to “Keep item on ship” for all future sessions until a different cosmetic is selected. However, each cosmetic item saved will cost some gold depending on the item, ranging from 2,000 to 7,000 gold. For better or worse, ship damage also persists across sessions, although players wishing to mass repair a ship can repair it by selecting “Repair My Ship” from the shipbuilder in the dock.

In addition, the rank of captain opens up new opportunities for sailing: up to 100 ships can be bought at any outpost. They can also be stored for use at any time, so players don’t have to constantly run to outposts for new ones.

As a captain in the outpost docks, you can find a new faction called the Sovereigns, who will gladly accept the treasures found during the voyage and sell them to players for free. This quick sell option not only speeds up the unloading process, but also makes it much safer, as players don’t have to leave their ship unguarded or leave it open to an ambush by PVP players in the city. These huts also have harpoons to unload treasures even faster.

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