How to beat Tilda in Horizon: Forbidden West

Tilda van der Meer is the final boss that players face in the Horizon: Forbidden West story, along with her Ghost Elder car. As the main antagonist of the entire game, Aloy must defeat Tilda to prevent her from leaving Earth with Gaia, as well as forcibly taking Aloy with her. Her Ghost Elder car is unlike anything players have encountered so far, and this is the only time in the game that they will encounter the car as a whole.

How to beat Tilda

Since Tilda has her own vehicle to drive, players will need to scan it before the end of the fight in order to register it in their database. Unlike other large machines such as the Behemoth or the Venomlash in Horizon: Forbidden West, players will only have one chance to scan the Ghost of the Elder in this boss fight. Missing the chance to scan a car will prevent players from earning the ‘All types of cars scanned’ trophy. If players forget to scan the last car, they can reload their last autosave, but if they die during combat after the scan, they will have to scan Ghost Elder again.

Tilda and Ghost Sr. have many repetitive attacks that include flamboyant moves leading to a big kick or tendril growth. If the machine is not seen to be charging for a long-range strike, players can expect an imminent melee attack from Ghost Elder. One of the best skills in Horizon: Forbidden West that needs to be unlocked for this fight is Elemental Fury, which increases the accumulation and effect of elemental attacks while increasing resistance to elemental damage. Using this skill, players can melee Ghost Elder to deal massive damage with certain elemental attacks.

Before the final showdown in Horizon: Forbidden West begins, players need to make sure they have the tools they need to create several acid traps. Ghost Elder is particularly weak against acid and plasma attacks, and acid traps will provide massive damage as the machine launches them during its attempts to hurt Aloy. Players can also use the Precision Bow, one of the best weapons in Horizon: Forbidden West, to deal massive plasma damage by targeting the golden plates around the vehicle. The golden plates are the vehicle’s weakest point and should always be targeted, no matter which weapon the player chooses.

Ghost Elder is resistant to fire, electricity, and water, so players should avoid these weapons. Additionally, Tilda’s car cannot be cancelled, so players will have to completely destroy her health bar to end the fight. After completing the fight, players will reach the end of Horizon: Forbidden West before the release of future DLCs. While the main story is complete, players can attempt to complete the Horizon: Forbidden West story, which will take approximately 55-60 hours to complete.

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