How to beat Sean in Sifu: second boss

Controlling the age of the main character in Sifu who constantly ages when you die. But for players who are having trouble with the second level in Sifu and its boss, Sean, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

General tips for completing the “Club” quest

In terms of age management and sufficient preparation to defeat Sifu, players should aim to graduate from the Club around the age of 35, although younger is better. Players must repeat “Club” often enough not to exceed this limit. As for the gameplay features in the Club level, players should keep the following things in mind:

  • Don’t worry about defeating the Club boss until players unlock Sean’s apprentice pass. This will make passing the level easier;
  • Players must do their best not to die until the First Dancer is defeated (after the first large mob in the club is destroyed). This will decrease the death counter and help complete the level;
  • Weapon durability (age no more than 24 years) should be a key skill acquired in Sifu shrines;
  • Always carry a weapon with you. The club is full of them: save the baseball bat from the second fight to take it to the third. Upon entering the room with the second shrine, where one of the opponents is warming up, there is a hidden bat in the corner (pictured below);
  • If possible, carry the Staff from the moment it appears to Sean himself.

How to prepare for a meeting with Sean

After the players finally get to Sean, having beaten every single one in their path, they will enter a small dojo. Immediately to the right, as shown above, is the sanctuary. Players must accumulate experience up to this point in order to purchase an item to reset the death counter.

No matter how well players do with Shawn, they will most likely lose, so getting into the game with zero deaths helps a lot. If they got this far in the Sifu run with only one death, then of course get another skill. If 2 or more, then it is highly recommended to select this option. Sean Fighter himself will be next.

How to beat Sean

First phase

The final boss has two stages, like most bosses in Sifu. The first stage will take place in a small dojo. If the players no longer have the staff, they should run and grab it as soon as they are in the room with Shaun. Sean is stronger and hard to beat, but he also follows a certain pattern that players will want to build their strategy around.

In this fight, players should be on the defensive and not try to get aggressive against Sean in Sifu. Instead, players must hold the Block button and wait for his combo. There are two main combos, one that ends with a downward vertical slam, and a three-part combo that ends with a strong upward rotation of the staff.

The vertical downstroke combo is harder to predict, but the best option here is to dodge backwards. Dodging down is sometimes enough to miss an attack, but players should be mindful of which combo he uses.

Take these combos or deal with them however you like, but following Sean’s accusations, it’s best to dodge backwards and then dodge down for his spinning combos. It will be a scheme: dodge his charge, then dodge down three times.

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After his big ‘eavesdrop spin’ attack, players can combo him easily and should focus on strong attacks – if players use a staff, they have the advantage of being able to sweep it occasionally. This increases damage, but players shouldn’t insist on it. Repeating this pattern – dodging and then a strong attack – is enough to defeat Shawn’s first phase (as shown above).

Another thing to focus on is focus attacks. Against Sean’s first phase, players should focus attack as often as possible to receive a light bonus damage.

Second phase

In the second phase, players will most likely lose their weapons early. This means that players will have to deal with Sean unarmed, and more importantly, players must keep their focus for the second half of this phase.

At this stage, the basic pattern of defeating Sean remains the same – dodge his combos, dodge a powerful spin attack, and then land a strong combo. The problem is that Sean will also perform a low sweeping attack. She doesn’t deal much damage, so players should try to avoid her every time by dodging upwards, but Sean will gain hits with these attacks. Players shouldn’t worry if they can’t handle the unpredictable nature of this strike, as if players can block or dodge Sean’s other attacks, this small amount of damage won’t make or break the fight. Players should move out of the way as quickly as possible if they are swept away.

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Patience is the key to fighting Sifu and the key to defeating Sean in both phases. While watching Sean’s movements, players should continue to look for the overheard pole twist combo and then deal damage. Players must keep an eye on Sean’s health meter; at half health, he starts to burn, becomes more aggressive and unstable.

At this point, players are advised to use Focus Attacks to clear Sean and deal additional damage to him. Otherwise, keep an eye out for low attacks and wait for Sean’s massive combos to end (he has others besides the above two, but when he lingers in place, it’s time to hit).

In this mode, Sean will dash forward, make one or two attacks, step back, dash forward, repeat, repeat. Despite this increased pressure from Sean, players should focus on dodging, waiting for the combo to end, and hitting when Sean reveals himself. Eventually, players will decrease his health until he is defeated.

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— Joshua Duckworth (@Duckzi0) February 10, 2022

This can take a few tries and players will die a couple of times due to the difficulty of Sean and Sifu, but once they have mastered Sean’s patterns, he will be much easier to beat in Sifu than it first appears. Players should aim to defeat him under the age of 35 in order to move on and be ready for the next level of Sifu: Museum.

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