How to beat Okumura in Persona 5: Royal

In Persona 5: Royal, palaces have been updated and new phases have been added to the original bosses. In particular, Kunikazu Okumura of the Fifth Palace has received a difficulty jump, which can make him extremely frustrating to defeat. Even worse, he was the first (and thankfully last) boss to have a countdown timer. If players cannot defeat him within 30 minutes, they will receive an instant game over.

Luckily, Persona 5: Royal has several ways to make the Okumura fight easier. The first is to be around level 44 before sending the business card. The second is to push certain Confidants to the max, or at least far enough to get the benefits you want. Finally, players must have skills that can erase enemy buffs and heal their team’s status ailments.

Best build against Okumura

The best way to deal with Okumura is to prepare a team in advance. Since Okumura’s boss fight relies heavily on how Okumura buffs his robots, players should bring a Persona or Phantom Thief with them, which can cast a “Dekai” spell. This is a non-damaging spell that removes buffs placed on enemies. Anna Takamaki/Panther learns this spell at 16th level. Those who accidentally erased Dekaju can retrain Ann in this ability by contacting the Confessional in Kanda. Another useful spell is Dekunda, which removes debuffs from all allies.

If the Panther’s level is too low, or players just don’t want to use it, then they can get Dekunda from the following personalities:

  • Saraswati: 52
  • Orobas: Already there after the merger
  • Rafael: Already there after the merger
  • Anzu: 28
  • Flauros: Already there after the merger
  • Succubus: 10
  • Obarion: 12
  • Shiki-Uji: 21
  • Kumbhanda: 45

In addition, players can get Decai as a skill card by electrocuting Mokoi during a Fusion Alarm. Thus, any of the Joker’s personalities can learn Decai.

Recommended team

The recommended team to participate in this fight is as follows:

  • Panther (for Decai)
  • Noir (for Mapsio and Amrita Drop)
  • Morgana or Queen (for Mediarama, Magaru and Rakukaja/Masukukaja)

Depending on the Joker personas, this lineup can be swapped and swapped, but having Morgana and Noir is recommended.

The next thing to check is that each member of the team has the Ma ability. These are affinity abilities (for example: Frey, Psio, Aji) that hit all enemies. At this point in the game, each Phantom Thief must learn at least one of their respective Ma abilities.

Players should have a ghost thief that can buff the team with either accuracy/influence or defense. Yuusuke will learn Masukukaju (Accuracy/Team Influence buff for 3 turns) at level 49, and Yohanna will learn Marakukukaju (Team Defense buff for 3 turns) at level 48. If these characters only have Sukukai and Rakukai, then players should simply cast them on the Phantom Thief that Okumura is targeting.

Milady, the persona of Haru/Noir, receives an Amrita Drop upon first joining the game. Players will want to keep it, as this spell removes all ills from the party. During the fight, Okumura will cast the Hungry Sickness spell on the entire team, so they should have this spell just in case.


If players don’t have the required spells, they should make sure they have the following items and equipment:

Item Description Location Cost Requirement Baptismal water Functions the same as Decai (removes all buffs from enemies) Kanda 1.000 Available only on Sundays Kayaklir-R Removes all stat buffs placed on a single enemy Takemi’s Clinic 1.900 Rank 5 Death Confidant Kundaklir-R Removes all stat debuffs from one ally Takemi’s Clinic 1.900 Rank 5 Death Confidant Alarm Pod Cure Dizziness/Forgetfulness/Sleep/Hunger for one ally Takemi’s Clinic 800 (400 off) No Hunger Gem No Hunger Tsurukame Diamond (Shibuya Mall) 80.000 No Glue 3 level Recovery of ability points every turn Takemi Clinic 100.000


It’s best to have a rank 10 Hifumi Confidant for the Togo system’s ability. This will allow players to swap current party members for alternates on any turn. This will save you from having to go back to the Joker just to swap.

Also, by having Maruki Confidant Rank 2, the Joker will gain the Detox X ability, which will sometimes cure any disease he may have. Note that this ability only works on the Joker, not other Phantom Thieves. However, if Joker gets hungry during the boss fight, Detox X can work and save the day.

Walkthrough of the fight with Okumura

Okumura’s fight timer is 30 minutes. Since there is a lot of talking during the boss fight, it is better for players to hold the “How to beat Okumura in Persona 5: Royal/‘ to skip them.

To defeat Okumura, players need to destroy all the robots at the same time. If there is only one robot left after defeating three allies, it will run away. This will cause Okumura to summon the exact same line of robots and players will have to start over. Sometimes Okumura orders one of the robots to self-destruct. If the robot self-destructs, it will not be considered a “defeat”, that is, the cycle will be restarted.

Note: The Phantom Thieves will not be able to attack the Okumura robots even if they are destroyed. However, players can still use the Baton Pass.

First wave

At the start of the fight, Okumura will summon a line of level 43 MDL-WKR Corporabo. He will then randomly select a Phantom Thief to attack his bots during their turn. This will change when Okumura calls in a new wave of corporals.

In any case, all of these MDL-WKRs have a weakness to fire and wind, as well as resistance to everything else except weapon damage. To combat this, players should use Panther’s Maragi or Morgana’s Magara.

Second wave

Once the WKRs are destroyed, Okumura will summon Cognitive Haru to help. It allows Okumura to move two times in a row, allowing him to place debuffs and then buffs on the player’s team and their robots respectively.

Okumura’s next wave is Corporobos MDL-CH, which have a weakness to Cold and Psi. Players must first get rid of the defense buff with Decai (or Holy Water). Then you need to use Mapsio Hara to confuse the enemies and then deal with them as quickly as possible.

third wave

The third wave is full of MDL-AM robots that resist everything except guns, electricity and nuclear bombs. Players must use either Mafrey Makoto or Mazio Ryuji to deal with these robots. Alternatively, players can use Haru’s Triple Pull, which deals 1-3 pistol damage to all enemies.

Tip: Players should get in the habit of using Decai and buffs to make sure all robots take the same amount of damage.

fourth wave

The fourth wave consists of the MDL-DM robots, which once again resist everything except Weapon, Wind, and Blessing. They have a weakness to Wind and Blessing, so Morgana’s Magaru is very effective. If the Joker has a person who can use the Bless, players can safely call on her for help.

Fifth wave

The fifth wave consists of MDL-GM. They are resistant to all affinity and physical attacks (except weapons) and are weak to Psi and Curse.

sixth wave

Okumura will send MDL-ED. This guy is not easy to destroy, but luckily he has no resistances, so players can go to the city. If the team is low on SP, they should restore it with SP items such as Leblanc Coffee, or swap out affected party members for someone from the back row. At this point, none of the enemies will have affinity weaknesses anymore, so there is no need to worry about keeping specific team members on the front line.

When MDL-ED uses the Big Bang Order, the best strategy is “Block”. His next move, Trial of the Big Bang, will deal heavy 2.5x Omnipotence damage and inflict Famine on anyone he hits. If someone is already suffering from the Hunger, then the Big Bang Trial will “cure” them of the Hunger.

final wave

After MDL-ED is defeated, Okumura will send the Cognitive Haru. Luckily, Cognitive Haru is quite weak, but she will use Selfless Devotion when her health is low. This will destroy Haru but deal a lot of damage to the All Mights in the group. The best bet here is to block when Okumura gives the order to sacrifice himself, as if Joker is knocked out, it’s game over even if his teammates stay on their feet.

When all of his robots are destroyed, Okumura will be left alone. His defense is pathetic, so one or two hits are enough to destroy him. After defeating him, players can enjoy a well-deserved scene and then save the game.

Tip: Players should be sure to keep an eye on the timer. If the timer is at 5-10 minutes and the Phantom Thieves still haven’t fought the MDL-ED, then it’s probably best to restart the fight.

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