How to beat Ko-omote in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ko-omote is the second boss you will face in Ghostwire: Tokyo. This is actually Erika (or at least a “part” of her), a girl who was close to Kei Kei and Rinko. She is also one of the masked enemies introduced at the start of the game.

You will fight Ko-omote at the end of Chapter 3: Communication. She will transform into Biotara, a unique yokai with a strong resemblance to a cat. Stay vigilant as she is deadly and can easily kill you with one shot. Check out this guide to learn all about Phantom Wire: Tokyo’s second boss.

How to beat Ko-omote

Studying the Ko-omote Attack

Unlike the KK body fight, Ko-omote is not a real fight: it’s more of a cat and mouse level. You need to avoid getting caught by this beast, quietly destroying its cores located in the tails.

The ko-omote will move slowly through the underworld in a certain pattern – usually counter-clockwise. If she sees you, the biotara will jump over you, taking your life with one blow.

After you take one of her three cores, she will disappear for a short time, and then start patrolling again. In addition, she can create a temporary fog around her that will slowly drain your health if you stand next to her. Luckily, Ko-omote doesn’t have other moves than these, so you don’t have to pay attention to anything else.

The most important thing about this boss fight is that you approach it like a stealth section. You don’t need to fire magic like it’s the end of the world – that will automatically end the game. Not at all, you will have to be patient and wait your turn to take one of the monster’s tails. Also, during the entire fight, you will be separated from KK, so you won’t be able to use magic.

Note: You can still use your bow and take out enemies quickly while alone with Akito.

To make things easier, there is a safe room at the center of the scenario that serves as the perfect hiding place while you prepare for the next step. This room has several entrances and exits, and you can see the boss roaming around it. Ko-omote will never enter this place no matter what you do, so spend as much time here as you need.

Tip: If you’re having a hard time finding it, you can always use the Spectral Vision ability and it will show up.

To take one of Ko-omote’s cannonballs, approach her from behind while crouching and grab it as you would any normal enemy cannonball. Once you do this, it will disappear for a few seconds. During this time, you will only need to re-enter the hideout and wait for her to finish patrolling. Repeat this two more times while avoiding the fog and Biotara’s eyes and you’ll end the fight without much trouble.

Tip: You can resupply arrows in cover and shoot explosive red crystallized aether when she is near to stun her. However, this is an unnecessary extra step that can give you more trouble than just waiting for a chance to sneak up on the boss.

Consequences of the fight with the second boss

After Ko-omote takes three cores, she will return to her previous form. During the cutscene, KK will return to your side and help you seal this enemy. Erica’s body will disappear and Chapter 4: Distortion will begin.

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