How to beat Jinfen (Gendira) in Sifu

Jinfen – The fourth Sifu boss wielding a chained bell, Jinfen has a huge range and will eject his weapon throughout the fight to create space between himself and the player. Unlike other martial arts movie counterparts such as John Wick wielding a gun, Sifu’s protagonist is tied to close combat. The objective of this fight is to close the distance in order to deal damage.

Jinfen is the CEO of “Corporation”, an extremely wealthy company that funds the Museum for Kuroki, Sifu’s third boss, and the Sanctuary for Yang, Sifu’s last boss. While traveling through the Tower, the player will find mysterious underground caverns inhabited by a group called Guardians. Jinfen and the character’s father were once part of this group until Jinfen turned against the Guardians and took part in their assassinations. She now belongs to the “Dawn”, the group that replaced the “Guardians” and consists of five Sifu bosses.

Jinfen’s ability to deal damage from afar gives her a big advantage over the Sifu player. Each strike of her bell weapon knocks the player back, trips them, or threatens to break their structure. The player’s task is to recognize her attacks, dodge accordingly, and attack when she is open.

How to beat Jinfen in Sifu

When there is distance between the player and Jinfen in Sifu, she will perform a sequence of three attacks. The first attack will be either a swing or pushback, the swing is a high attack, so the player can dodge it by holding L1 and pressing the left stick down in time with each attack. This form of evasion is an ability that all Sifu beginners should know. The knockback attack knocks the player back slightly, increasing the distance between them and Jinfen. This attack can also be dodged with L1/left stick down. If Jinfen spins around before the first attack, she will swing high. If not, she will perform a knockback attack.

The second attack in the sequence will always be a knockback attack. The third attack is a swing. If the player is hit, they fall to the ground and Jinfen delivers a powerful downward blow. Attacks can be dodged by holding L1 and pushing the left stick up. So the dodge sequence is to push the left stick down, down, up. Once Jinfen swings, the player can run up and land a few hits on her.

Once Sifu gets close to the player, he will want to stay close as Jinfen will try to get away from the player. If the player is not trying to complete the game in less than forty minutes, they should be patient when they are pushed back. Jinfen will attempt to escape the player in one of four ways.

  • Jinfen uses his bell and chain to drag her to another part of the arena, away from the player. This will force the player to dodge her high swing, push off, attack again to get back;
  • Jinfen will perform a faster version of the “high swing, push, swing” attack. This can be avoided in the same way as before, although now it is a matter of timely reaction to the first attack. The player can tell that she will make this attack if she wraps the bell and chain first;
  • Jinfen will do a back flip with a spectacular martial arts choreography and immediately after that will perform a push attack. Once the player sees Jinfen doing a backflip, they will be able to avoid the knockback attack with L1/left stick down when she lands;
  • Jinfen will push the player away with his hand. Visual cue for this attack: Jinfeng will spin around and then lunge forward with his arm. When the player notices her rotation, they can dodge the attack with L1/left stick down or R2. If the player dodges this attack, they will be able to attack.

Unlocking focus skills can be very useful in this fight, as they can be used as strikes when the player is close. If the player manages to stay close and land the appropriate hits, they will be able to move on to the second phase.

The second phase proceeds in much the same way as the first, but Jinfen has a few new moves. First, when there is a distance between the player and Jinfeng, she will perform the same sequence of attacks, but with one change: now, when hit, a high swing will grab the player. When grappling, the player will be pulled towards Jinfen, who will follow them with a kick and a knockback attack. This means that the player will not be able to block the first attack to avoid damage. As with the large bouncer enemies in Sifu’s difficult second level, the player must dodge the first attack. Once the player gets close, Jinfen will have three new moves to push the player away.

  • Jinfen will do a high attack jump, kick, and then use a push attack. The first two attacks can be dodged with L1/left stick down, but the final push must be dodged with R2 or blocked. Blocking will affect the player’s structure, so if their structure is already weak, it’s best to dodge;
  • Jinfen will rotate the bell while moving towards the player, similar to Kuroka’s attack in a boss fight. To avoid this attack, the player can hold L1 and press the left stick down again and again. This will allow the player to avoid all attacks and then strike;
  • Jinfen will open with a blow, then swing the bell high and low. The blow can be blocked or parried, then the player can avoid the next two attacks with L1/left stick down, then left stick up. If the player successfully dodges, they may strike.

If the player keeps pushing, they will crush Jinfen and win the fourth Sifu boss fight.

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