How to beat a gold digger in Sea of ​​Thieves

In Sea of ​​Thieves, the Gold Digger is the main boss of the ninth installment of The Golden Tale, Shores of Gold, and he presents a difficult opponent for players in a long, exhausting battle. The rest of the Gold Coast is also long and has a series of difficult obstacles to overcome, so this mission is best played in large teams, but solo sailors can do it too. This article contains spoilers and focuses on the main fight with the Golden Treasure Hunter, and not the variables that precede the Tall Tale puzzles that lead players to the penultimate boss fight.

In Sea of ​​Thieves lore, the Gold Digger is known as the founder of the Gold Digger Trading Company and is a powerful force to be reckoned with, with two veil stones for eyes and an insatiable thirst for gold. Pirates ready for a challenge should still defeat the Gold Digger, remembering the words of the Pirate Master that glory is more important than gold. Although the reward of 10,000 gold and various promotions are still very pleasant, especially for those who manage to achieve the curse of the Goldshores.

Activate the Curse of the Goldshores

To unlock the Shores of Gold tale, players must complete the Morningstar’s Revenge tale. When everything is ready, players should sail to Morrow’s Peak Outpost in Devil’s Roar and activate a fairy tale next to Grace near the tavern, which will give players a diary. Since players already own the Shark, they can now sail off-map to Y3 via the blood-red shroud, safely reaching the secret island of the Golden Shores safe and sound.

Once on the island, players must read and decipher the riddles in the journal to obtain 4 medallions from each of 4 mysterious and challenging vaults to unlock and receive the Golden Treasure Hunt Coin. The coin opens the entrance to the Gold Digger’s lair, found at the base of a single giant headless totem figure. Here, players will have to navigate dangerous traps, pull levers, and fight waves of skeletons before they reach the final checkpoint in the Golden Treasure Hunter arena.

Enter the Gold Digger Arena and Key Locations

Upon entering the arena, players can see the Golden Treasure Hunter sitting on a large golden throne surrounded by beacons. As the players approach and the dialogue with the Golden Treasure Hunter continues, the beacons light up, and he will soon begin to attack. It’s best to attack right away, using this time to shoot or hit him as many times as you can.

To restore health, players need to use the barrels of fruit placed along the edges of the arena, and at the bottom of the stairs of the central platform and in some corners there are chests with ammo. There is also a broken wooden ladder in the arena that you can use to lure the skeletons and jump over to the other side to escape or quickly return to the central battle.

Gold Digger Attacks

The Golden Treasure Hunter itself has four basic moves, consisting of attacks and defensive maneuvers, as well as shooting and stabbing players with a sword. The most effective strategy is to attack the Gold Digger at close range and then run to the perimeter to resupply and regenerate health, repeating this process to decrease its health. Its main methods are:

Resurrection of Skeletons

The Golden Treasure Hunter scatters gold coins around him to resurrect groups of skeleton minions that attack players to distract them. Skeletons chase players throughout the arena and can be ignored. However, groups can deal significant damage if they are close, so it’s best to stay out of their sight and take them out if necessary.

Powerful explosive attack

The Golden Treasure Hunter’s strongest attack is a powerful explosion where he jumps into the air, extends his arms, and then ejects coins in a powerful wave that knocks players into the air and deals devastating damage to players’ health. Players will need to move far enough to minimize the impact and avoid traveling to the Ferry of the Damned.


As a defensive maneuver and a way to move around the arena to reach the players, the Gold Digger will plunge his shovel straight into the ground, disappear into the floor, and reappear in a completely different area. This is unavoidable, so players need to keep an eye on where the treasure hunter is and, depending on the situation, either follow him or move further away.

Health replenishment

While it’s impossible to see how much health the treasure hunter has since he doesn’t have a health bar, he has high health, takes a long time to kill, and replenishes his health by eating fruit. Attacking him as often as possible at close range is usually the best way to make his health decrease faster and keep the duration of the fight as short as possible.

After defeating him, Gold Digger falls to his knees and shatters into coins, leaving his skull on the floor for players to grab. Then the Pirate Lord appears, who tells the story of the Golden Treasure Hunter and congratulates the players on their victory, after which he disappears. For those pirates who like to take screenshots of their in-game adventures, this is a great opportunity to take a picture while sitting on the throne of the Golden Treasure Hunter before leaving the arena.

Players can then proceed to the exit of the arena under one of the flags with the symbol of the Golden Treasure Hunt, climb up to reach the exit of the waterfall, and return to their ships. The final task is to sail to any outpost, the nearest of which is Galleon’s Grave, and sell the Skull of the Golden Treasure Hunter to the Order of Souls for 10,000 gold. Players also receive rewards and promotions depending on how many achievements they have received during the passage of the “Fairy Tale” and how many times they have dared to complete it.

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