How to avoid losing runes on death in Elden Ring

Runes are the main currency in Elden Ring, but you will lose quite a lot of them as death is inevitable. As long as you can return to the place where you died, you can pick up the dropped currency. But if they drop you along the way, they will disappear forever. However, there is a wonderful item that can be used to get around this problem. Here is our guide to help you avoid losing runes whenever your character dies.

How to avoid losing runes when a character dies in Elden Ring

The item that prevents runes from being lost on death in Elden Ring is called Sacrificial Branch. It can sometimes be found during exploration (for example, as a glowing loot in the dungeons/overworld). However, as a rule, merchants also sell it. In particular, one of them can be found in an isolated merchant’s shack on the southwestern tip of the Wailing Peninsula, a region located south of Limgrave’s starting zone.

A sacrificial twig can be bought for 3,000 runes, and the merchant has three of them. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to find others even if that merchant is low on supplies.

In any case, the item “Sacrificial Branch” in Elden Ring is actually a talisman. As long as you have it, the next death will not result in the loss of runes. However, the Sacrificial Branch is also destroyed.

It’s practically useless in the early and mid game when each level requires less than 20,000 runes. However, this is worth thinking about much later, when you need tens and hundreds of thousands of runes per level. You definitely don’t want to lose them in case of death, and if you find yourself in more difficult terrain, then returning to your “corpse” will be more difficult.

Note: Finally, there is the Cracked Tear item, which stops rune loss for a short time if your character dies unfortunately. It is used as part of the mixture after you get the flask of miracle potion.

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