How to activate the Great Rune of Godric in Elden Ring

The battle with the boss Godric grafted in Elden Ring gives several rewards. One of them is the Great Rune of Godric, which, unfortunately, has no power at the moment. We’ll have to travel to get the benefits of this item. Here is our guide to help you activate Godric’s Great Rune.

How to activate the Great Rune of Godric

As stated in our Stormvale Castle guide, there is a battalion of Exile soldiers in the courtyard. Behind him is the monster Omen and the place of grace in the Elevator Chamber. Here’s the thing: if you’re being chased by a dozen mobs, you’re unlikely to notice the adjacent passage.

To the east, you should see the Exile operating the ballista and looking down the path leading through the gate. Go there and try to dodge the explosive projectiles that fire at you.

Eventually, you will see a courtyard that is filled with even more exile soldiers. Our goal here is to go further east to the bridge. However, there are a couple of noteworthy points:

  • There is an elite Arcane Lion that drops Blacksmithing Stone of Gloom. This item is used to upgrade unique/special weapons, as opposed to normal smithing stones for items with boring names (such as a bow or hammer);
  • If you follow the stairs leading down, you will find a camera with a lever and some loot. Pulling the lever will open the main gate of Stormvale Castle.

In any case, let’s say you went to Limgrave’s Tower Bridge. Here you can take Baldrake’s Talisman (it reduces lightning damage).

Behind this place is a very long dam, on which three guardian golems stand. They are very slow, but their attacks can kill you if you’re not careful.

At the end, you will find a teleporter, but don’t interact with it just yet. Instead, you can drop down the ledges behind him to grab the scarab.

Go back upstairs and touch the portal before the guard golems tear you to pieces.

You teleport to Limgrave’s Divine Tower. Take the elevator up and place a marker here on the Place of Grace. At the top, you will find a branch that will allow you to activate the power of Godric’s Great Rune in the Elden Ring.

Note: The Greater Rune of Godric, like all the others you acquire during the campaign, can be equipped via an option when you rest in the Place of Grace. However, you will only get their effect when using the rune. In the case of Godric’s Great Rune in Elden Ring, it increases all attributes by +5 for a duration.

Finally, don’t forget to return to the Roundtable if you haven’t already. Finger Reading Enya (the prophet in the Two Fingers chamber) will allow you to exchange another key item that Godric dropped. You can choose any of these two:

  • Godric’s Ax (Great Axe):
    • Skill – “I order you to kneel!”;
    • Requirements – Strength 34 and Dexterity 22;
    • Scale – Strength D and Agility D.
  • Grafted dragon (fist):
    • Skill – “Witness!”;
    • Requirements – Strength 20, Dexterity 14, and Faith 16;
    • Scaling is Strength D, Agility D, and Faith D.

In any case, when these tasks are completed, it is time to continue our adventure to the Livery of the Lake.

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