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How long does it take to complete Resident Evil 3? How many hours does it take to complete a Resident Evil 3 game? What are the difficulty modes in Resident Evil 3? Let’s find out as part of our walkthrough of Resident Evil 3.

The Resident Evil games have always been pretty short, which they make up for with bonus modes and various difficulty modes to really challenge yourself. Resident Evil 3 is no exception, so here’s the length of the game.

How long is Resident Evil 3?

If you’re playing on Standard difficulty, fully exploring each area and backtracking for items you may have missed, Resident Evil 3 will take about six hours to complete.

However, if you skip items and play on Assisted difficulty, your playthrough can be much shorter. The situation is different in more difficult levels, where you are likely to increase the passage time due to deaths and the need to repeat certain parts of the game.

After beating the game, you will gain access to the store where you can unlock a lot of items, read more about this in our guide “All Store Unlocks”.

How many difficulty levels are there in Resident Evil 3?

There are five difficulty levels in Resident Evil 3:

  • Helper
  • Standard
  • Hardworking
  • A nightmare
  • From

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