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As many know, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II continues the events of the first game, putting players in the place of the “Exile”. After the character followed Revan in the Mandalorian Wars, he lost contact with the Force and throughout the game restores it along with new comrades. Players will have to defeat three Sith Lords who want the complete destruction of the Jedi.

Although Knights of the Old Republic II came out in 2004, many are undoubtedly excited to see it on the Switch. It’s a pretty good journey game, but many might also be wondering how long it takes to complete KotOR II. After all, those who haven’t played it for many years may find that it has more content than they remember. They will visit several Star Wars planets, play segments of the game on certain starships and other locations, and find a great Star Wars game to keep their time busy.

How long does it take to complete KotOR II

According to HowLongToBeat, if you focus only on the main story, then the players will need about 31 hours. The average duration of the passage of the main story, along with some side materials, increases this figure to 40 hours. If you go through everything that can be done in Knights of the Old Republic II, then this figure will be about 52 hours.

It should be noted that the Switch version of Knights of the Old Republic II also comes with some restored content as free DLC (available from Nintendo eShop). It adds new interactions between crew members, a bonus mission for the HK-47, and an updated ending. This won’t necessarily add a lot of new content to the game, but fans who get past everything it has to offer can look forward to another hour or two added to the aforementioned time.

Knights of the Old Republic II is a classic for a reason, and thanks to the new port, fans will be able to take it on the road with them.

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