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Many modern video game developers have developed the annoying habit of cramming so much content into their games that they end up feeling overwhelming. That’s not the kind of complaint you can make against Ghostwire: Tokyo, at least when it comes to the main story of the game. Ultimately, it offers an amazingly streamlined experience that players can complete in a remarkably short amount of time.

While some players will no doubt be a little disappointed by how short the main story is, others may find it a little refreshing, especially at a time when other developers boast about their games taking hundreds of hours to complete. Many people simply don’t have time for this due to their personal and professional commitments, and so they should appreciate what Ghostwire: Tokyo has to offer.

How long does it take to complete Ghostwire: Tokyo?

Most players will need between ten and fifteen hours to complete Ghostwire: Tokyo, which consists of six chapters. That’s assuming they ignore just about all of the side content, which can drastically cut the game’s length for those looking to get a little more bang for their buck. This includes a number of unique and enjoyable side quests, as well as the inevitable collectible sets that have become synonymous with modern sandbox games.

Those who aim to find all collectibles, complete all side quests, and unlock all trophies/achievements can expect to spend about 30 hours in the game. It is worth noting that this time can vary greatly depending on how carefully the players approach the game, whether they use manuals and how quickly they master the combat. However, with multiple difficulty settings available right from the start, most players should have no problem adjusting the difficulty level to suit their own skill level.

Is there a New Game+ in Ghostwire: Tokyo?

Those who want to extend their playing time can start the game over again. However, unlike the traditional New Game Plus mode, their stats, skills, and upgrades will not carry over. They will be able to save their outfits, emoji, camera filters, and music tracks, but without the ability to increase the complexity or additional content, it probably makes no sense to do this.

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