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It’s been a long time since Tunic was first shown at E3 2018. It’s no wonder the game took so long to make: Although the game was backed by Microsoft and indie publisher Finji, it was mostly created by one developer: Andrew Plechi.

Now that Tunic is out, it looks like those years of hard work have paid off. The game has been praised for its expansive world, charming art style, and sense of mystery and discovery.

However, Tunic isn’t the only Zelda-style indie game on the market. While game length is far from the only measure of quality, players may want to know ahead of time how much is in store for them.

How long can you complete Tunic

Even if you try to rush through the game, not caring about the end and aiming for the ending, Tunic’s playthrough time will still vary from player to player. In this case, the biggest variable will be the difficulty.

Tunic is a difficult game. Not only can her fights be punishing, but the signage and player guidance are deliberately obstructed: much of the text is written in untranslated fictional language, which can make the puzzles and exploration potentially frustrating.

The first problem is addressed to some extent by Tunic’s stat upgrade system, or by using Tunic’s help modes to make combat easier. The latter, however, depends solely on the internal patience and ingenuity of the player. In general, the passage of Tunic without completion can last from 10 to 15 hours.

Maximum Tunic Duration

Like any good Zelda, Tunic encourages players to go off the beaten track. Not only can you find health, stamina, and stat upgrades here, but also new items and collectibles, such as scattered pages of the game’s manual written in a unique font.

Aside from the previously mentioned difficulty, a big problem in beating the game is that you don’t know how much is hidden. During the development of Tunic, Plecic mentioned his interest in community puzzle solving and social discovery, so there may be aspects of the game that will only be revealed after release.

From what we know so far, a full playthrough of Tunic is likely to take players between 18 and 20 hours. While the game’s current price of $29.99 may seem prohibitive for an indie game, it has enough content to justify the cost. And that’s not even counting the fact that the game is included in the Xbox Game Pass.

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