how many hours of gameplay are in the game?

Horizon: Forbidden West is the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed game. The first game offered a vast open world to explore and many hidden secrets. The sequel is no different – only this time on a much larger scale.

If you’re heading west or are knee-deep in side quests, you might be wondering how long this game will take to complete. Well, no matter your play style, here’s how long you can expect to play Horizon: Forbidden West.

How long will it take to complete the story of Horizon: Forbidden West?

If you want to sit down and immerse yourself in Aloy’s latest adventure, you can expect to spend about 25-30 hours in Horizon: Forbidden West. It all depends on the difficulty of the game and how much time you spend exploring locations and upgrading equipment.

The story itself consists of a variety of missions, and some of them can be completed in any order, although the order of their completion is recommended in the game. However, if you want to go through the more difficult sections first, you can do so.

How much time does it take to complete the quests in Horizon: Forbidden West?

The world of Horizon: Forbidden West is full of side quests, activities and interesting things. If you choose to do a few side quests from time to time, you will probably end up with around 40 hours in the game.

You will most likely receive side quests as you explore the world, either through rumors or settlements, or if you happen upon something in the wild. All of them are worth taking part in and can offer many unique experiences, so the extra time will be well spent.

Explore the world at your own pace

In addition to a compelling storyline and a range of side content to immerse yourself in, Horizon: Forbidden West is also a very beautiful and intricate world. If you choose to spend time exploring every corner and at a leisurely pace, you will most likely spend about 70 hours in the game.

This includes not only side quests and quests, but also just getting to know the amazing locations and interesting characters of the Forbidden West. It’s a huge map to explore and it all feels incredible when you first discover it.

How long will it take to 100% complete Horizon: Forbidden West?

If you are one of those who strives to go through everything that is in the game, then you have a long way to go. A 100% completion of Horizon: Forbidden West will take approximately 120-150 hours. Of course, this depends on your play style, difficulty, and how many annoying Datapoints you need to find.

As a general rule, we’ve found that with natural play, we can stick to about one percent passing per hour. This decreases towards the end of the game when you have to uncover the last few things, but it means that the experience as a whole is well balanced and most of your time will be spent on something new and interesting.

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