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A while ago, Fortnite introduced an item that looked like a map and was called Buried Treasures. If you followed the map, it would lead you to a treasure chest containing legendary loot. And now, after the recent Uncharted x Fortnite crossover, a very similar item has added to the loot box.

This item is called the “Drake’s Map” and, like the latest Uncharted cosmetic items, it was added as part of a collaboration between the two games. Here is everything you need to know about this subject.

What is a Drake card?

The Drake Map is a Legendary rarity item in Fortnite that can be found as floor loot. Therefore, there are no certain places where you are more likely to find it. Everything depends on luck. The item looks exactly like a treasure map and has a bright golden glow before you pick it up, making it hard to miss.

You can only stack one card because you can only carry one at a time, even if you try to use different inventory slots to take them with you.

How to use the Drake card

To use Drake’s Card, all you have to do is select it from your weapon set. After that, a red dotted line will appear on the screen. If you look in the direction of the line, you will notice a glowing pillar of golden light; it may be far or near, depending on the location of the treasure. The golden light comes from the same location as the treasure chest on the map.

Follow the red dotted line until you reach your destination, which is a golden glowing spot. You will see a giant cross made of mud. Once you’re on top of the cross, hit it with your pickaxe right in the middle where the lines converge to dig up a chest. A treasure chest will spawn at this location, and once it’s dug enough, you’ll be able to search it.

Usually, two legendary weapons drop from the chest, but four can drop. There will also be ammo, materials, gold and a few healing items. Definitely worth taking the time to find buried treasure.

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