How Claire’s dream machine works in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has a lot of mechanics to master. From diving into the dungeons of the Ruins and taking out boss enemies to opening treasure chests and fighting in simulations, Tower of Fantasy has a bit of everything. Later in the game, you will unlock a new mechanic called Claire’s Dream Machine. This little ball appears here and there for you to interact with. Here’s everything you need to know about him.

After you progress through the story to the third chapter, you will meet a character named Claire in the Navia region. She is a scientist who will eventually play a significant role in the plot. After completing the chapter, you will move to the Crown region. At this time, after completing several interactions, Claire’s Dream Machine may appear.

The dream machine appears as a small craft with Claire’s hologram above it. When you interact with him, she will tell you that you can use the drone to enter a lucid dream for training purposes.

After you agree to the training, the Dream Machine will place you in a random training scenario. There is no option to select the scenario you will be taken into. The first experience could be a survival course where you have to survive against waves of enemies, and the second experience could be a mini-game where you have to collect energy balls by maneuvering from side to side. Completing these tutorials will give you experience as well as some random rewards. You can even get black and gold cores.

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