Holy Paladin – Guide in WoW Classic / Vanilla 1.13.4

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Holy paladins are one of the best, if not the best healers in WoW Classic. The spec is not only viable, but essential for serious raids and PvP. The mana efficiency of paladins makes them desirable for any raid leader, and the powerful cooldowns and the fact that they drain mana very slowly make them the strongest healers in PvP. It is also worth remembering that only representatives of the Alliance can play as paladins.

In this guide to Holi Pal in WoW Classic, we will analyze the basic mechanics of playing for the spec.

Builds and Talents

Consider a few basic Holik builds:

The standard and most powerful build of Holy Paladins in Vanilla. Has all the necessary healing and defensive talents, such as glow and Healing Light. This build amplifies all spell levels, so you decide which one to use in a given situation.

Improved Concentration Aura (32/19/0)

Paladins sacrifice talents in this build long justice and Improved Blessing of Might. Instead, it uses Improved focus aura. This means Holiki should not be buffed in this build. Greater Blessing of Might and use Judgment. Instead, they will be able to maintain, buff and heal RDD in your group, especially in boss fights that deal constant damage.

Blessing of Sanctuary (30/21/0)

In this assembly, we sacrifice instant heaven shockto get a raid buff Greater Blessing of Immunity. This buff will be useful in very rare situations. For example, when the main tank or the second tank hold a lot of mobs on them at the same time, or they tank one mob with a very fast attack. A paladin with this build can save a lot of mana in these situations.


Like all healers, the holy paladin does not have a specific ability priority. Instead, you decide to use one or another skill depending on the game situation and the amount of mana. However, there are a few basic rules when playing a paladin as a healer:

Tank healing

In this case, two main abilities are used: light of heaven and Flash Light. While the tank will take a lot of damage, it is worth using light of heavenkeeping heaven shock for critical situations. Skylight is extremely mana expensive anyway, so if the tank is taking a moderate amount of damage, use Flash Light.

group healing

Paladins in WoW Classic do not have a direct AOE heal. But they have Seal of Light! Even though a mob can only have one seal on it at a time, this seal is very powerful. In Classic WoW, melee-DD will almost always be more than LDD, including tanks. Therefore, this seal will make the Paladin a very powerful healer, due to the high probability of the effect being triggered. Other than that, you can use Flash Light different levels to heal group members.


In addition to basic healing spells, holyies have auras in their arsenal! Regardless of the current situation, paladin auras can help. If tanks are taking a lot of sustained damage, use Devotion Aura. If the boss or adds are attacking with magic spells, use one of the auras Shadow Resistance Aura, Fire resistance aura, Frost Resistance Aura. If mobs have the ability to interrupt/delay casting spells to casters, activate Aura of Concentration.


Attribute Priority

Stick to the following stat priority for Holy Has Fallen in WoW Classic:

  1. spell power
  2. Intelligence
  3. Crit Chance
  4. MP5
  5. Endurance
  6. Spirit


Paladins are not an incredibly difficult class, but they are very strong! In their arsenal they have abilities for healing, support, amplification and damage reduction for the group. All Alliance guilds welcome skilled paladins into their ranks.

This completes the Holy Paladin guide in WoW Classic.

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