Hologram projector in Tower of Fantasy: how to open

The Hologram Projector is a rare relic found in the Tower of Fantasy. Relics are items of equipment that give your character various skills and abilities. Each of these relics is unique and can be upgraded to increase combat potential. Relics can be earned in a variety of ways, and the Hologram Projector is no exception. In this guide, we will explain how to unlock the Hologram Projector in Tower of Fantasy and how it works.

How to get a hologram projector

The Hologram Projector is a relic; Relics can be obtained in several ways. Completing Ruin dungeons, advancing the story, or completing side quests can all earn you a new relic. The Hologram Projector is not unlocked from any of these sources. It appears thanks to a subtle game mechanism called “Intelligence Reward”.

Exploration rewards will give you rare items and equipment for completing tasks in the open world. To unlock the hologram projector, you need to explore the Warren region. Finding Omnium towers, landscape points, and opening chests for the first time will earn you points that will allow you to unlock this relic. To unlock the Hologram Projector, you must earn 1035 research points in the Warren region.

What Does a Hologram Projector Do?

Relics can be used to explore or solve puzzles, but the Hologram Projector is used exclusively in combat scenarios. This relic projects a hologram of the user that synchronously repeats the attacks of the Traveler’s weapon, dealing 35% of the damage dealt by the Traveler.

Lasts for 15 seconds and has a 180 second timeout. This is a powerful relic, especially if upgraded to higher levels. It will allow you to deal high damage and at the same time protect yourself from dangerous enemies that will be attracted to your clone.

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