High Deathwing in Horizon: Forbidden West: where to find

Building on its predecessor, Horizon: Forbidden West expands and evolves the franchise with new game mechanics and features. As players travel west to stop a new threat threatening the world, Aloy gains new tools to help her navigate the terrain, a grappling hook-style device, and a shield-winged glider for soft landings from high altitude.

In addition to new tools and exploration mechanics such as scuba diving, Horizon: Forbidden West introduces the largest set of machine enemies the franchise has ever seen. While some fan-favorite vehicles have returned from the first game, including Gromozev, the developers have also added a whole host of new enemies in the new installment. These include a massive mammoth, which featured mostly in promotional materials and pre-release demos.

The game also takes some inspiration from the comic book series and includes a Top Tier vehicle that players can hunt. These are unique variants, more powerful and featuring black armor. Some are easier to find than others, though players should follow this guide to find the Bat-like Ultimate Predator.

Where to find High Deathwing

In order to start looking for the High Deathwing, players must travel to a place called the Mau Arena. It is located almost in the very center of the map and directly north of the Memorial Grove, a settlement that players will visit in the story. West of the Cliff, home to a deadly and formidable enemy machine. Luckily, players won’t have to go there, but to the south of this location is Deathwing, which can be seen flying over the mountains. The High Deathwing can also be found in this location, which flies among the regular versions, so players will want to use their attention to scan each one to find it.

It should be noted that this is not a static meeting. Deathwing Supreme appears to be based on an RNG and spawns randomly in this location, so players may need to fast travel a few times before it spawns. It can also be useful to destroy vehicles in this zone, as Apex level vehicles are attracted to places where other vehicles are killed in large numbers. Additionally, players are advised to seek out Apex Dreadwing at night, as that is when it is most likely to spawn.

High Deathwing Details

Unlike the regular Deathwing, players will want to bring plasma weapons with them to take on the High Deathwing. This is the only element he is weak to, as using fire, blizzard, and ice is ineffective. Ideally, players should bring a weapon that has a lot of plasma projectiles, or one of the large legendary hunting bows, such as Deathseeker’s Shadow.

As far as dealing with him, players should use the same strategy as against the regular Deathwing. It uses the same style of devastating attacks, so players must try to tear off the various pieces. The antenna should also be prioritized, as removing it prevents Deathwing from calling for reinforcements, making the fight even more difficult.

Detaching the launcher also allows Aloy to use it against dreading, so another viable strategy is to rip it off your chest and use it to deal extra damage. Ropecaster weapons can also make life easier by tying up a flying creature for a short time, allowing players to get a few good shots at it before it breaks free.

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