Guide to the scrolls of the sorceress Sellena and the ruins of the settlement in Elden Ring

Sellena the Enchantress is an NPC you will encounter in Elden Ring. She has a bunch of spells for you to purchase, and you can unlock even more if you collect some of the special items she needs. Here is our guide to help you with the scrolls of the sorceress Sellen and the Settlement Ruins location.

Where to find Settlement Ruins and Sellena Scrolls

Settlement Ruins is a location in Elden Ring that can be found in the Graveyard. It is located east of the starting area. You will need to follow the normal progression path until you reach the Gate, where you will receive Flux and Level Up funds. From there, follow the road southeast past the bridge.

Then you will see a troll wagon and some ruined buildings on the hill. There are a few respawning enemies here, like giant flowers that induce poison and emit laser beams at the same time (yup).

Defeat Pumpkinhead Madness

However, what we are looking for is a small doorway to the basement. Inside, you will fight the Pumpkinhead Madness boss.

Pumpkinhead Lunatic has very predictable attacks, although you can take some damage if you get hit by her headbutt. Also, keep in mind that if you aim at the boss’s head, some weapon attacks will be deflected.

Note: After defeating the Pumpkinhead Madness boss, you will gain access to the Settlement Ruins Cellar fast travel location. This is very useful if you want to mine runes with the troll’s wagon.

In any case, you will be able to talk to the sorceress Sellen in her room. By default, she has six witch spells that you can purchase.

To see more things to buy, we can collect unique scrolls and bring them to her.

Royal house scroll

The closest Sellen Sorceress Scroll we can pick up in Elden Ring is south of our current location. Follow the path from the Settlement Ruins until you see a camp full of soldiers.

Instead of fighting everyone, we’ll just walk along the side of the cliff to get to the top of the ruins. There is an undead caster here, so deal with him. Nearby, you should also see a scroll of the royal house. Giving this scroll to Cellen will unlock the Brilliant Stone Shard and Brilliant Stone Projectile magic.

Academy Scroll

You will reach Lyurnia of the Lake after clearing Stormveil Castle and defeating Godric the Grafted. After leaving the castle, you will find a place of Grace called Facing Rocks. Along the way, you will see a graveyard where you will be attacked by several undead. Beware of the floating skulls, as the maximum value of the death counter will instantly kill your character.

Pick up the scroll of the Academy next to the tombstone and take it to Sellen. You will be able to buy a Carian Slicer and Phalanx of Blade.

Abstract Scroll

Much later, you will be able to enter the Academy. Proceed further until you reach the “Classroom” fast travel point. Then exit it and go left. You must find the wizard’s corpse with this scroll. The wall here is actually an illusion, and hitting it will open up a secret passage that will allow you to get more items unrelated to Sellena’s quest for you.

In any case, by bringing this third scroll to the sorceress Sellen, you will be able to purchase two additional spells: Projectiles of Brilliant Stones and Brilliant Stars.

Azur’s Sorcery and the Restoration of the Primal Current

There seems to be another quest related to Sellena. I got Azur’s Sorcery, but didn’t progress further on this quest as I’m still checking other secrets.

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