Guide to the Rogue in WoW Classic 1.13.4

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Rogue is a very powerful class with specific abilities and abilities. But because of this, there is a high competitiveness – there are always places for robbers in the raid, but there are even more willing ones. Therefore, you will constantly have to prove that it is you who deserves a place in the raid composition.

In this WoW Classic Rogue guide, we’re going to take a look at the core mechanics of the specialization game.


Human is the best choice for PvE

Orc or Troll – your choice.

The choice of a professional in Vanilla should be approached consciously.


A profession unique to rogues. With it, Roga gains access to such deadly poisons as Rapid Poison VI, Crippling Poison II, Intoxicating Poison III. Making and using poisons correctly is one of the keys to success when playing a rogue.


Engineering is very useful in PvE as it gives you access to items like concentrated dynamite and Goblin Sapper Chargethat increase the damage dealt by the rogue. Dynamite can become firmly rooted in the rotation as it has a short cooldown of 1 minute.

Combat Swords

The build is built around insidious strike, Meat grinder and Sword Specialization. Considered the strongest DPS build for the Rogue in all stages of WoW Classic.

Using powerful equipment like Thrashing Blade and any off-hand sword, can be replaced with Sacred Charge of Dal’Rend and Dal’Rend Tribal Guard.

Seal Fate Daggers

The build focuses on three core talents − Seal of Destiny, Improved Backstab and Right moment. In this build, the horn focuses on more combo points and using Spending, if the crit happens often enough. Many rogues use this build until phase 5 or 6 of Vanilla.


Agility is the main stat that increases Attack Power, Critical Chance and Evasion. Agility is present in all set pieces of rogue equipment.


Hit Rating is perhaps the most important stat a rogue should focus on. Essentially, both abilities and auto attacks have their own chance of being missed, dodged, blocked, or parried. If the Rogue gains 9% hit rating from gear and talents, all activated abilities such as Sinister Strike or Backstab will always hit the boss. It’s called “Hit Cap”

Weapon proficiency

The skill is extremely important for a rogue. It is mandatory to have 300 points in this skill with one-handed swords and daggers. The skill reduces the chance of a miss, dodge, parry, etc.

For the Rogue in WoW Classic, we recommend using the following consumable items:

This completes the guide for the Rogue in WoW Classic 1.13.3. Do you have any questions? Ask in the comments.

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