Guide to Servants in V Rising

Servants are a useful tool in V Rising that make gathering resources much easier over time. Collecting resources to develop your castle – especially in a single player game – can seem like a long one. Servants speed up this process.

You access servants by following the standard in-game manual, but there are a few more things you need to know about how the system works to make the most of imprisoned human souls.

Note: We will update this guide with more information about BiS Servants for Quests.

How to get a coffin for a servant and make an army of servants in V Rising

You will naturally progress to this point by following the guide. In the task you have to subjugate the soul of a person – it can be any NPC that you find in the world. You escort them back to the Servant’s Coffin, wait for him to turn them into your Servant, and then command them by building the Castle’s Throne.

Tip: One Heart Lock holds a total of 9 Servant Coffins, which means you can have up to 9 Servants at your disposal.

It’s simple so far, but things get more complicated when you take into account the characteristics of the various NPCs.

Let’s take a low-level Rogue as an example.

This Servant NPC gives you an increase in hunting activity in a certain area – in this case, Farbane Forest, where our castle is located. This is a location specific perk, meaning it gets a boost if you send a Servant to the appropriate part of the map.

There are several things that affect the effectiveness of a servant:

  • Blood Type: This affects what perks your Servant gets, so it makes sense for a Rogue (Archer) to get an increase in Hunting.
  • The quality of the blood is also important: the higher the level of the NPC you dominate, the better it will perform.
  • Equipment you give to your Servant: Yes, you don’t always have to just throw your weapons and equipment at the Devourer. You can give them to your servants to improve their gear stats and increase their resources when you start sending them out on missions.

Sending servants on missions through the throne of the castle

This is where things get interesting. In fact, you yourself choose which servants will go to one place or another on the map, and they will return after a certain time with a bunch of resources.

Different servants are better at certain tasks, it all depends on those three factors that we talked about above – blood types, quality of NPCs and equipment. Faction also plays a role, as if the NPCs are from the area you are sending them on a mission to, they will perform better.

You can adjust the Throne of the Castle slider to tailor the mission to your servant. This is a fantastic way to collect a lot of resources quickly.

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