Guide to Fury Var in WoW BFA 8.3 / Battle for Azeroth

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Fury Warrior (Fury Var) is one of the TOP DPS in patch 8.3 realities. Equipping two-handed weapons in each hand, the Warrior is able to deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Consider the basic mechanics of playing Fury Var in WoW 8.3 BFA

Talents and builds

Depending on the current activity (raid, dungeon), you can choose one of 2 builds:

Raid (mostly single target):

Dungeons (multiple targets):

Tier 6 talent difference – for raids we take dragon roarfor mythic+ Bladestorm


One goal:

  1. Rampage if not active and rage over 90
  2. recklessness according to CD for burst
  3. execution
  4. Raging Blow at 2 stacks and on Rampage
  5. Bloodlust
  6. Raging Blow
  7. Vortex

Furik’s AOE rotation is not much different from the solo, but a couple more points are added. The general AOE rotation looks like this:

  1. Vortex to apply Vortex when the buff is not active
  2. Continue the solo rotation, don’t forget to support Whirlwind
  3. With multiple stacks Cold steel, hot blood , Bloodlust can be used over execution until the target dies.

The sequence is roughly as follows: Vortex -> Rampage -> Raging Blow -> Vortex -> Bloodlust -> Raging Blow -> Vortex -> Bloodlust -> Rampage -> Vortex..

Attribute Priority

Stat Priority in BFA 8.3:

  1. Crete
  2. Mastery
  3. Speed
  4. Versa

Crit > ~23% Haste > Mastery > Haste > Versa > Strength



Rings: Enchant Ring – Attunement of Haste or Enchant Ring – Attunement of Critical Strike with Cold steel, hot blood

Weapon: Enchant Weapon – Deadly Navigation and Enchant Weapon – Quick Navigation (or other desired stat)

Pot, flask and gem

Flasks: Strong Flask of Surf Power

Idol: Potion of Unbridled Fury for one purpose Superior Battle Potion of Strength or Potion of Enhanced Environment for AOE

Gems: Leviathan’s eye of power and Sand spinel of swiftness or Deadly Lavryte

This completes the Fury Var guide in WoW 8.3 BFA.

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