Guide to Elem Shaman in WoW BFA 8.3 / Battle for Azeroth

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The Elemental Shaman is a powerful ranged caster with a flexible set of abilities. Can easily adapt to most situations without losing DPS. Has excellent burst damage. In general, the Elem shaman has a toolkit for all situations, perhaps, except for long-term continuous damage to one target.

In this guide to Elem Shaman in WoW 8.3 BFA, we will look at the main mechanics of the game – rotation, Azerites, build, stat priority, etc.

Talents and builds

This is a universal assembly suitable for different types of content.

Essence Heart of Azeroth

  • Greater Ability – (Azerite Essence Power #55), or added in Patch 8.3 (Azerite Essence Power #15) – it provides a powerful buff!
  • Minor Ability – (Azerite Essence Power #47) or (Azerite Essence Power #19), and in 8.3 choose (Azerite Essence Power #135)


Based on the recommendations above, use the following spell priority:

One goal:

  1. (Spell #192249) on CD, and don’t actively cast (Spell #51505) yet.
  2. (Spell #188389) and keep on the opponents at all times.
  3. (Spell #8042) to reset (Resource #11)
  4. (Spell #51505). avoid max charges
  5. (Spell #188196)


  1. (Spell #192249) on CD
  2. (Spell #188443) to generate (Resource #11)
  3. (Spell #61882) to reset (Resource #11)

General rotation tips:

  • Try not to reach 100 (Resource #11) . Cast (Spell #8042) for 60 or more damage. resource
  • Passive Spell #77756 will give you a free charge (Spell #51505). Use it immediately

Stat Priority

In patch 8.3, try to get as much crit chance as possible. The overall priority of characteristics looks like this:

  1. Crete
  2. Speed
  3. Versa
  4. Mastery


  • Weapon: (Item #168593)
  • Rings: (Item #168446)
  • Gems: (Item #168638) and (Item #168639)

Azerite traits

For one target use Spell #279829), for AOE use Spell #278697.

This completes the guide for El Shaman in WoW 8.3 BFA.

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