Guide to DH Havoc in WoW BFA 8.3 / Battle for Azeroth

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Havoc Demon Hunter (also referred to as Havok DH) is one of the most mobile and powerful damage dealers. In patch 8.3, he is consistently in the TOP DPS. With a fast playstyle and powerful cooldowns, DH can be a formidable weapon in any raid.

In this guide to Havok DH in WoW 8.3, we will look at the main mechanics of playing for the class.

Builds and Talents

In BFA, the most profitable build is through Demonism. Allows you to be in Metamorphosis more often, that is, in the guise of a demon.

The required talents for this build are: Blind fury, Remains of destruction, First blood, Demonism. The rest you can change.


In general, the rotation of the HH does not look complicated. You should follow the sequence in using abilities:

  1. Metamorphosis
  2. Deadly Sweep
  3. piercing gaze
  4. Blade dance
  5. scalding heat
  6. Annihilation
  7. Chaos Strike
  8. The taste of demons

Attribute Priority

  1. Agility
  2. Versatility
  3. Crete
  4. Speed
  5. artifice
  • Agility > Versatility >= Crit >= Haste > Mastery



Pots and flasks


Leviathan’s Eye of Agility on Dexterity

Dark Opal of Versatility to versatility.

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