Guide to BM Hunt in WoW BFA 8.3 / Battle for Azeroth

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BM Hunt is a hunter traveling with a faithful pet. Due to high damage, excellent mobility, due to the fact that all the hunter’s abilities are applied instantly, and ease of rotation, this is one of the most popular DD classes in the game. In this guide, we will consider the main mechanics of playing for BM Hunter – builds, rotation, stat priority, enchantment, etc.

Builds and Talents

Standard build suitable for most game situations:

In the last dash you can take killer cobra, only if you are sure that the fight will be exclusively with one target. In all other cases, use Two Beasts.


Please note that you may not have some of these abilities due to talents. If you do not have this ability, just go to the next step.

For one purpose:

  1. Burst Shot if the pet has at least 1 stack of frenzy and it will last for the next 2 seconds
  2. Spirit of the Wild (hold if Bestial Wrath cooldown is 15 seconds or less)
  3. Bestial Wrath
  4. Command “Get!”
  5. terrible beast
  6. Burst Shot if the 1st charge is completely ready and the 2nd is almost ready
  7. cobra shot if the Kill Command is on cooldown after 2 seconds or more, or to drain excess concentration.


  1. Burst Shot if the pet has at least 1 stack of frenzy and it will last for the next 2 seconds (or if there are 2 full charges of the ability)
  2. Volley if you have 3+ goals in front of you and Beast Strike not active
  3. Stampede (when Bestial Wrath and Spirit of the Wild are active)
  4. Spirit of the Wild
  5. Bestial Wrath
  6. Command “Get!”
  7. flock of crows
  8. Volley if at least 2 goals and Beast Strike not active
  9. Burst Shot if fully ready 1 charge and almost ready 2-
  10. cobra shot if the Focus is greater than > 90 and Beast Strike already active

Attribute Priority

Stick to the following secondary stat priority in patch 8.3:

  1. Crete
  2. Speed
  3. Mastery/Versatility




Pots and flasks:

This completes the BM Hunt guide in WoW BFA 8.3.

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