Guide to Blood DK (Tank) in WoW BFA 8.3 / Battle for Azeroth

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Blood DK (Blood Death Knight) has an attractive playstyle based on self-healing and damage reduction. Blood has all the necessary ability functionality to deal with absolutely any content as a tank in the realities of Battle for Azeroth.

In this guide to Tank Blood DK in WoW 8.3 BFA, we will look at the main mechanics of the game.


This is a standard build suitable for all game events. Pretty easy to learn


Blood DK alternates defensive and offensive abilities in his rotation. The following is a standard list of ability priorities:

  1. Ridge crushing if your Bone Shield decreases or is completely absent.
  2. death blow if you are low on HP, or if your next attack will overcap your runic power.
  3. Boiling blood if you have 2 charges, or if targets in radius have no stacks blood plague.
  4. Ridge crushing if you have 7 stacks or less Bone Shield.
  5. Strike to the heart if you have 3+ runes.
  6. Death and Decay if available proc from Scarlet Scourge.
  7. Boiling blood.


In almost all situations, you need to use the following essences:

In general terms, try to use Concentrated fire on CD, the rest is passive.

Attribute Priority

First of all, try to equip things with the highest possible level. Then, you can start balancing the secondary stats.

  • Item Level > Versa >= Haste > Crit >= Mastery



Due to the rather meager set of affixes, you will most likely aim for the following:

This completes the Blood DK tank guide in WoW BFA 8.3.

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