Guide to Balance Druid in WoW BFA 8.3 / Battle for Azeroth

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The “Balance” specialization provides quite complex and interesting game mechanics. Owls excel at both single and multiple targets. Due to multidoting, they can simultaneously fight with many targets, while having excellent mobility.

Despite the high damage, the Balance druid still needs some time to “accelerate”.

In this guide to the Balance Druid in WoW BFA 8.3, we will analyze the main mechanics of the game.

Build and talents

This build is great for completing quests, passing dungeons.

Azerite and Essences

As for traits, everything is very simple. Use 3 Rushing Stars and 1 Magic Pulsar to go through all the content!

As for essences, for Mythic+ you can use Essence of the Prismatic Crystal in the main slot and Discord and confrontation, Purification Protocol and The breath of the dying in small slots.


Simple Druid Balance Rotation in 8.3:

  1. Spend Astral Power – don’t let it reach the cap. Use star stream on 1-5 targets and Starfall on 6+ targets.
  2. Support dota, don’t give solar fire or moon fire fall off the target.
  3. Don’t build up too many charges – cast Lunar Strike and Solar Wrath to when you get a bonus from Eclipse.
  4. Cast always, if not necessary, don’t move.

General rotation tips:

  • Dots can cause a pandemic, so they need to be updated with 30% of the remaining time without loss
  • Don’t keep your cooldowns Parade of planets and Fury of Elune too long – so you noticeably lose in DPS.

Attribute Priority

Stick to the following secondary stat priority for Owl:

  1. Speed
  2. Mastery
  3. Crete
  4. Versa


This completes the Balance Druid guide in WoW BFA 8.3.

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