Guide for beginners in Resident Evil 4: tips, tricks and strategies

Before you play Resident Evil 4, you will surely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Tips for playing Resident Evil 4 for beginners

What you need to know

  • You don’t have to play the other games in the series to enjoy RE4. They are completely different from each other, and plotly they are not so strongly connected with other games.
  • The most difficult part of the game is the first appearance in the city when you start the game. In one of the houses there is a shotgun that will help you.
  • Always scan the area for broken crates and other items.
  • With proper positioning, you will never find yourself in a place where the control of the tank will be a hindrance. Keep a clear exit behind you and look in there from time to time.
  • To do a 180 degree turn, press Cancel + Down at the same time.
  • Buy treasure maps for each district, but remember that as you progress through the game, you will be denied access to the old districts, and any treasures left behind will be lost. Also, some treasures can be combined with others to make them more valuable, so it’s best to hold onto them until they are fully combined.
  • Ashley’s AI is pretty good and she’s pretty resilient to enemies, just try not to hit her yourself. The game also has several dumpsters that you can shove her into to keep her safe while you clear the area.
  • When you find yourself under siege in a house, you can push cabinets against windows and doors to buy time. In addition, shooting at the enemy when he climbs a ladder or through a window knocks him out.
  • If you find and shoot all 15 blue medallions in the farm and graveyard, you will receive an improved version of the prize.
  • You earn a ton of extra cash by getting “Perfect” in the minigame tiers every time you find a medallion. Another good way to earn money at the very beginning of the game, once you get the boat, is to kill big fish and sell them.
  • By throwing garbage into the lake, you will make the fish come to you.
  • After the boat ride, get back on the boat and head towards the blue light to find the hidden shop.
  • At the end of the castle you will see a giant hideous cone hanging from the ceiling. By knocking it down, you can earn a lot of money.

Combat and Enemies

  • Pistol + melee weapon will be your weapon for most of the game. Get good at shooting enemies in the head or legs, then run up close and stab/slash with your knife when they’re stunned. This deals a lot of damage and is a great way to push a bunch of enemies back.
  • Enemies climbing stairs fall down when hit.
  • The flash of the grenade instantly kills all parasitic monsters that pop out of the heads of enemies, and is also effective against crows.
  • Leon can suplex by shooting the shins of the monks, closing the gap, and then pressing the action button.
  • If an enemy swings at you, a simple step back is usually enough to make them miss, except for pitchfork-wielding and unarmed enemies.
  • Kicking is your friend, use it. With it, you also get frames of invulnerability.
  • Shotguns are much more effective at crowd clearing than TMPs.
  • Try not to reload before bosses.
  • Try to save the flare gun for when you’re fighting a boss who has liquid nitrogren all over the place.

Weapons and Items

  • On normal difficulty, choose the weapon that seems most interesting to you, since the game will not be too difficult.
  • Keep shotgun, pistol and rifle. Magnums are great for a few bosses (“Prepare to Die, Leon”), but they shouldn’t be used against normal enemies. If you want the most powerful weapon from each slot, go for Red9, a second shotgun, and a second rifle.
  • The bolt-action rifle is slower but much more powerful than the semi-automatic, making it useful for ranged enemies. It is not necessary to buy an optical sight, as you can usually do without it.
  • You can get the Broken Butterfly magnum for free by walking back a bit in the second main area.
  • If you don’t have serious problems, refrain from upgrading weapons until the third chapter, because by that time it will be possible to purchase new, more advanced samples.
  • As a rule, improving firepower allows you to get more benefits. In addition, increasing the power of cartridges allows you to replenish ammunition.
  • Yellow herb + green herb = max life + healing.

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