Grim, Dark and Deadly Figurine in Genshin Impact: where to find

In Genshin Impact, Figurines are a new item available in version 2.6 of the game. Enemies that drop this material were introduced in the previous version when Enkanomiya was plunged into darkness. Black Armor, once the protector of Kaenri’ah. Although they were now cursed, having lost their humanity and become monsters, these guardians managed to remember their purpose – to protect the inhabitants of Caenri’ah. This action can be seen in the Archon quest along with Dinesleif.

When players defeat a shadow husk, they may receive a figurine. As with normal materials, this figurine has three levels:

  • Grim figurine
  • Dark figurine
  • death figurine

Each of these items resembles the face of an unknown person, with the Grim Statue having a fairly normal face, the Dark Statue being described as radiating heat, and the Death Statue ominous energy. To date, there are not many theories about who these individuals are.

Where to find figurines

In order to find figurines in Genshin Impact, players must know the location of the Black Armor. This enemy is only available in the Underground Mine and their number is limited. Many of them are also hidden behind the gates. For example, the ones in the northern part of the Underground Mine require travelers to obtain a Miner’s Key.

When players defeat some of these Black Armors for the first time, they will receive a purple orb. When adventurers collect nine Abyssal Pearls in Genshin Impact, they will be able to receive three chests: one deluxe, one precious, and one exquisite.

In the southern part of the underground chasm, most of the Black Armor’s habitats are quite simple. However, some of them may hide on the lower platform or in the cave.

The figurines are only used to upgrade the Haran Geppaku Futsu for Kamisato Ayato. Here is how players can get each type of figurine:

  • Grim Figurines: Dropped by Black Armor, Void Heralds, and Void Readers
  • Dark Figurines: Dropped by level 40+ Black Armor, Void Heralds, and Void Readers
  • Deadly Figurines: Dropped by level 60+ Black Armor, Heralds of the Void, and Readers of the Void

If travelers have a lot of Grim figurines, but not enough Dark and Death figurines, they can use the crafting table to improve the figurine of a lower rank. Don’t forget to use Sucrose for this, as it can multiply the crafted item. So far, this talent is one of the most useful abilities in the game. Other useful power-ups include Xing Qiu, Mona, Albedo, and Kamisato Ayaka.

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