Greater runes in Elden Ring: how to use

How to use the Greater Runes in Elden Ring? Greater runes dropped by defeated main lane bosses must be activated before you can use them. They give huge bonuses for one life during which you activate them. In this Elden Ring guide, we’ll show you how to use the Greater Runes.

How to use the Greater Runes

After the Great Runes become part of your inventory, they need to be activated in special towers. Usually they are located near the place where the boss from whom you received them was located. For example, in the case of the Great Rune obtained from Godric the Grafted, you need to head east along the wall to the tower in the Graveyard. Climb to the very top and turn to the altar. This will activate the Greater Rune for you. However, there is one more step before activation.

You can equip Greater Runes in Places of Grace. Interact with one of them and select the “Great Runes” option. After that, you will install one of them in place. Their use is now regulated by Greater Runes. They are rare, bought from vendors for 4,000 runes, or collected from hit enemies/spirits. When you use such an item, the Greater Rune you have equipped will be active until your next death. To get these abilities back a second time, you’ll have to use another Greater Rune.

What is your favorite Great Rune? Let us know in the comments below and check out our other Elden Ring guides for more information.

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