Great Shield of the Tree of Erd in Elden Ring: how to get

In Elden Ring, the Erdtree Greatshield is a special shield that increases with strength and faith, providing decent protection against physical and holy damage. However, the main attraction of this shield is not its defensive properties, but the fact that when combined with the Deadly Sin of Fire spell, it creates a super-powerful build.

About the Great Shield of the Tree of Erd

The Great Shield of the Tree of Erd is equipped with a unique shield skill known in Elden Ring as Golden Retribution. This skill is activated whenever the shield is hit by a spell or sorcery. Once this happens, the shield will respond by channeling magic and releasing a sacred beam of light at the opponent. Adventurers who have fought the Tree Guardian in the Graveyard with spells are sure to be familiar with the Golden Vengeance. For example, every time a spell such as Glittering Stone Projectiles is cast on a guard, the guard can respond with a powerful explosion if they manage to cover themselves with a shield in time. Likewise, those who wield the Great Shield of the Tree of Erd can perform the same defensive spell.

To take advantage of this unique passive, combine the Great Shield of the Tree of Erd with Fiery Mortal Sin, an Elden Ring spell that temporarily sets the caster on fire. This spell activates the shield’s Golden Retribution, allowing the wearer to explode as long as they are in flames. You can get the Deadly Sin of Fire magic by solving the Flightless Bird painting puzzle in Leindell’s fortified estate. As for the Great Shield of the Tree of Erd, in order to obtain it, you must defeat certain bosses.

Where to find Great Shield of the Tree of Erd

To get the Great Shield of the Tree of Erd in Elden Ring, you must defeat the Tree Guardian who guards the western gate of Leindell’s Outer Walls. You can get to this place by going to the Altus Road Crossroads east of the Altus Plateau. Altus Plateau is an area above the Graveyard and can be reached by activating the Great Dectus Elevator with the Dectus Medallion or by walking through a chasm littered with ruins. Keep in mind that those who follow the chasm route will have to fight the obligatory boss. Once you arrive at the Altus Plateau, you must head east to reach the Outer Walls of the Capital.

To defeat the Tree Guardian in Leindell’s Outer Walls, the adventurers are advised to race past them and activate the Place of Grace in the Ghosttree’s Outer Wall. Then return to the gate and destroy them one by one. If you’re fighting in melee or up close, try luring one of them into walls to make the fight more manageable. On the other hand, spellcasters with ranged attacks can position themselves on the ledges on the side of the road and easily deal with each boss. Unfortunately, in Elden Ring, none of the Tree Guardians have a ranged ability, with the exception of the one who has Golden Retribution. After defeating both bosses, players will receive the Great Shield of the Tree of Erd as a reward.

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