Grave dust in V Rising: how to get

Grave Dust is a crafting resource in V Rising used to craft various magic items and consumables. Like Copper, Grave Dust is a primary resource that Vampires will need to craft items throughout their playthrough, up until the late game. Therefore, it is very important that adventurers understand how to get this material and what is the best way in V Rising to get it efficiently and quickly.

For starters, Grave Dust can be obtained as a random drop from enemies and containers at any of the three burial sites in Farbane Forest. These locations include the Desecrated Graveyard, Forgotten Graveyard, and Infested Graveyard. When the vampires reach the Danlí farmlands, they can also find grave dust in the Church of the Damned, located in the far north of the region. In addition, the two Ancient Villages of the Cursed Forest are two of the best places to grow grave dust. However, the Cursed Forest is a high-level region that players will most likely only get to in the late game.

On the other hand, Grave Dust can also be crafted using bones. More precisely, x100 bones can be used to get one lump of grave dust in a coffee grinder. The cost of this resource in V Rising can be reduced to 75 after vampires unlock the Suitable Gender bonus for their castle. To build a coffee grinder, players will need x8 planks, x4 copper ingots, and x4 rotten stones.

How to mine grave dust in V Rising

During their journey as a vampire, V Rising fans are likely to come across hundreds of skeletons and other mobs that drop bones. These bones are a great way to get Grave Dust early in the game. However, as Grave Dust becomes an increasingly common ingredient in recipes, raising thousands of undead can become quite a chore. Luckily, V Rising has a way to get grave dust quickly.

One of the best and easiest ways to get grave dust is to create a tomb that requires stone ×80 and bones ×20 to build. Tombs are used to intentionally spawn enemies in your castle for resource extraction in V Rising. With these tombs, vampires can use mourning lilies ×12 to spawn ghouls, enemy mobs that yield bones and also have a chance to drop grave dust. Accordingly, players can constantly spawn ghouls in their castle and get drops from them. To get Funeral Lilies in V Rising, fans can visit any of the three aforementioned burial sites or the Danlí Monastery on Danlí Farmlands.

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