Gorswyn the Ravager in V Rising: How to Find and Defeat

Not all bosses in V Rising can be found in a specific location. Some of them prefer to wander around the neighborhood, waiting until you do something else, and only then appear to ruin your day or night! One such boss is Gorswyn the Ravager, a particularly vile swineherd who uses unholy magic to wear down his enemies. Defeating him will reward you with not one, but two unholy spells, so he’s well worth finding.

In this guide, you will learn how to find Gorvin the Ravager, how best to fight him, and what rewards you will receive for defeating him.

Where to find Gorsvin the Ravager

Gorwyn the Ravager is a level 27 rogue boss, meaning he doesn’t have a fixed location where you can always find him. However, it can usually be found in the Corrupted and Blighted Graveyards in Farbane Forest. These are his spawn points, and he spends a lot of time at them before heading out to roam the roads. It can also be found near the lumberjack bandit camp.

Tip: The best way to hunt down these rogue bosses is to use the Altar of Blood, as it will always lead you to their current location. The blood trail can sometimes be difficult to follow as it doesn’t take into account the terrain between you and the boss, so you may need to avoid hills or other obstacles.

Gorswine the Ravager will travel with four skeleton guards, but they aren’t particularly strong, and you should be able to take them out early in the fight without too much trouble. Since Gorsvin is wandering, make sure the area you choose to fight him is clear of other mobs, and if you decide to try hard mode and fight him during the day, make sure you have enough shade around you to avoid sunburn.

How to defeat Gorsvin the Ravager

Gorsvin doesn’t have many abilities, but the ones he does have are very effective. Throughout the fight, Gorseyn will throw explosive green puddles on the ground. They erupt, dealing unholy damage and leaving pools of venom on the floor. These puddles last quite a long time, and there can be several of them at any given time. This can drastically reduce the space you have to work with, and worse, Gorseyn can randomly choose to stand inside one of them, making it very difficult for melee attacks to land on him. To deal with this mechanic, it’s best to bring a crossbow with you, as you can simply run around dodging pools while shooting at him.

Gorseine will also often teleport away from you, leaving another puddle of poison on the ground, although this doesn’t matter if you’re fighting him from a distance. Combat is a battle of attrition, and if you have the right equipment, it will take a long time to destroy it.

Gorsvin’s final ability causes him to levitate and cast a bright green shield on himself. This will make him invulnerable and cause frequent explosions around the player’s locations. Since you can’t damage him, it’s best to just run away at this point, as there are a lot of explosions and it will be difficult to find a safe spot, but don’t move too far or the boss will reload.

The Night Stalker armor and Ruthless Brass weapons are enough for this fight, but expect it to take a while as he has quite a lot of health. Shadow Bolt and Chaos Wave provide you with the best single-target ranged spells, while Blood Aegis can be a good defensive option.

Rewards for defeating Gorsvin the Ravager

Gorsvin the Ravager will give you two vampire powers if you drink his blood V: Corpse Explosion and Bone Veil. Corpse Explosion is an AoE ground attack that deals damage and casts a short spell, potentially useful for clearing large groups of weak enemies, but nothing spectacular. Veil of Bone is a new traveler ability that causes your next attack to launch a projectile forward, bouncing towards up to four targets, dealing a small amount of damage to them. This can be a nice DPS improvement over Veil of Blood, so feel free to switch if you need a little healing.

Gorsvin will also reward you with the Tomb building, as well as two recipes, Summon Skeletons and a Ghoul. An interesting mechanic, this building will allow you to summon various enemies right in your backyard. This can make a great farm to produce items like bones and grave dust, resources that will become much more necessary the further you advance in V Rising.

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