Godric the Hundred Hands in Elden Ring: how to win

Entering the courtyard of Stormvale Castle in Elden Ring, you’ll be only a few steps away from Godrick the Grafted, the main boss of this dungeon. He is a very difficult guy, and if you make mistakes in your attacks or spells, you will have a hard time. Here is our boss guide to help you defeat Godric the Hundred Hands, the main boss of Stormvale Castle.

How to defeat Godric the Hundred Hands

Godric the Hundred Hands in Elden Ring has some notable moves:

  • Melee: All of his melee attacks will destroy you if you’re not careful. They eat up all your stamina and have a wide, almost 360-degree arc;
  • Whirlwind: Godric’s bread and butter is his Whirlwind ability. While he casts it, she is able to deflect all projectiles and offensive spells. You will waste ammo and FP if you time your attack incorrectly;
  • Whirlwind Projectile: After a short duration, Godric will throw two wind projectiles that will target your location. You can dodge them, but you need to watch their trajectory. However, it is possible to use tombstones to block the path of these projectiles, or to hug a wall if it is between you and Godric’s line of sight.

Helper NPC: Nefeli Lux and Summons

If you’ve spoken to Nefeli Lux in the courtyard, before each attempt, the golden sign will allow you to summon her for help. She doesn’t do much damage, but she can last a while and heal at least once. As for the summons, most of the ones you have at this stage of the game will be useless, since Godric’s AoE will most likely destroy them.

Either way, whether you’re aiming for melee, ranged DPS, or spells, fighting Godric One Hundred Hands in Elden Ring comes down to well-timed dodges and using Nefeli Lux as a distraction.

Phase 2

Once Godric’s health drops to 50%, a cutscene will begin. He will grab the dead dragon’s head and attach it to his arm, essentially getting a flamethrower. He will have several interesting abilities:

  • Fire Whirl and Projectile: This time the tornado he makes will be pierced with flames. If you hit it, an additional animation will appear in which your character will wave his arms due to the fact that he was seared;
  • Flamethrower: Godric’s other attack is a frontal dragon headbutt. The only way to avoid this is to turn clockwise towards the flame as it is about to hit you. Wrong timing will cause you to burn out.

After destroying Godric the Hundred-Handed in the Elden Ring, you will receive several items. The first is Memory of the Hundred-armed. You can return to the Round Table and talk to Finger-Reading Enya (the prophet in the Two Finger Chamber). You can exchange it for any of these two rewards:

  • Godric’s Ax (large axe):
    • Skill – “I command you to kneel!”
    • Requirements – Strength 34 and Dexterity 22
    • Scaling – Strength D and Agility D
  • Hundred-handed dragon (fist):
    • Skill – Witness!
    • Requirements – Strength 20, Dexterity 14, and Faith 16
    • Scaling – Strength D, Agility D and Faith D.

The other key item you will receive is Godric’s Greater Rune. Now it has no power, but you can find a way to activate the Great Rune. You can also go to the next region called “Lake Livery”.

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