Glaze Lily in Genshin Impact: where to buy and find

Glaze Lilies are an ancient flower in Genshin Impact, found exclusively in Li Yue. Although Glaze Lilies can be purchased from one of the NPCs, Lady Bai, she sells them at a high price of 50,000 mora each. You can also grow your own glaze lilies by purchasing glaze lily seeds from the Teapot of Serenity and planting them in your teapot, although they will have to wait almost three days before they are ready to be harvested. Growing glaze lilies in the wild is therefore the quickest and cheapest option for those looking for Li Yue’s local curiosities.

How to use Icing Lilies

Once harvested or harvested, Glaze Lilies in Genshin Impact can be used in a number of ways. Glaze Lilies can be used to exalt two 4-star Geo characters, Yun Jin and Ning Guang. Glaze Lilies can also be used to craft a Geoculus Resonance Stone, which, when equipped, helps players locate the Geoculus in Li Yue. None of the weapons currently use Glaze Lilies for Ascension, but this may change in the future as new weapons are frequently added to the game.

Where to find Glaze Lilies

Glaze lilies in Genshin Impact bloom from 18:00 to 06:00, exclusively in Li Yue. Once harvested, Glazed Lilies respawn after 48 hours. According to Genshin Impact’s story, icing lilies were once abundant in the wild, but became scarce due to overharvesting and centuries of conflict during the Archon Wars. Despite this, there is one area in Li Yue where Glazed Lilies still grow wild. Most of the Glaze Lilies in Li Yue are concentrated on the terraces of Qingche Village, and dozens of these shimmering flowers grow in the fields.

Other than Qingce Village, the only place in Genshin Impact where Glaze Lilies can be found is Li Yue Harbor. Interestingly, the icing lilies in Li Yue harbor were artificially planted, presumably to protect and conserve the dwindling numbers of icing lilies in the wild. There is no difference between wild and farmed lilies in the game, and any of them can be used to level up Genshin Impact characters or craft a Geoculus Resonance Stone.

Unlike other flowers in Genshin Impact, which are often scattered throughout the region, Glaze Lilies in Genshin Impact are concentrated in two separate areas of Li Yue, making them easy to find and collect. The first place Genshin Impact players should pay attention to is the terraces of Qingze Village, as it contains the most glaze lilies in all of Li Yue. In second place is the harbor of Li Yue: about forty glaze lilies appear in these two places.

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