Giblohorn in Horizon: Forbidden West: how to win

The Giblohorn is a boss enemy in Horizon: Forbidden West that Aloy must defeat. Like all other vehicles in the game, the Giblohorn has its own strengths and weaknesses that the player must take advantage of. Aloy will face Giblorog in the final task of the main story quest “The Dying Lands”. Aloy must walk through the facility to find the cauldron. Six of these cauldrons can be found in the Forbidden West, and they allow Aloy to control more machines. She can then hire these vehicles as mounts or combat allies.

In the Dying Lands quest, you will find the first cauldron in the game. After exploring the repair bay, Aloy will be tasked with overloading the network link four times. After the destruction of the fourth communication channel, the battle with Giblohorn will begin. Like all machines in Horizon: Forbidden West, the Giblohorn has elemental weaknesses that Aloy can exploit. The Hyblohorn is capable of inflicting powerful ranged attacks with fire damage.

In order to defeat Giblohorn, the player must use pure water and acid-based damage, as this is his weak point. If the player manages to deal enough acid damage to the Hyblohorn, it will enter a state of corrosion. This means that the metal on his body will begin to melt and reveal some of his weak points. As soon as the first fight starts, run to the nearest pillar and use the Grapple Point to climb to the top. Once at the top, aim at the Giblohorn and keep showering him with acid arrows.

How to Hack and Defeat Giblohorn

When using a bow, Aloy can use burst damage arrows to cause the Hublohorn’s cluster launcher to fall. Aloy can grab it and use it against the Giblohorn for additional damage. The Giblohorn will also not be alone, as he will be assisted by smaller machines. Focus on the smaller machines first before fighting the Giblohorn. Once the Giblohorn has been defeated, reset the repair bay core and the mission will be completed.

Not only that, now players will be able to hack several new machines. To collect them all, Aloy will need to interact with all the cauldrons in Horizon: Forbidden West. While almost every car in the game can be reprogrammed, only a few can be used as tire irons. They will help Aloy move on the ground faster than her own legs. Although the Giblohorn is not one of these machines, defeating it in the Forbidden West drops valuable crafting items that can be used to create more powerful weapons throughout the game.

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