Giant Yorm in Dark Souls 3: how to win

In Dark Souls 3, Yhorm the Giant is a boss and one of the five Ash Lords. This guide features locations and strategies on how to easily defeat Yhorm, as well as tips, weaknesses, and other trivia.

Giant Yhorm Overview

  • Location: Corrupted Capital
  • Required: Yes
  • Drop: 36,000 souls, Giant Yhorm’s Soul and Overlord’s Ashes
  • Weakness: Stormlord

Yhorm the Giant can be found in the Profaned Capital, accessible through the Irithyll Dungeon. You will come across a broken bridge, from which a gargoyle will fall. Kill her and go further to get to the capital.

As for summoning NPCs, Zigward of Katarina can help you. Siegward appears in the arena in the scene when you enter the misty gate. The NPC will only help you if you have completed his quest.

Giganat Jorma’s attacks

Most of the boss’s attacks look the same, and there isn’t much variety. However, avoid getting hit by any attack, as they deal serious damage and can even take you down with a single shot.

Ground Strike

The boss uses both hands to slam the ground next to the player. This attack is unblockable and deals massive damage if not dodged.

knee strike

Yhorm kneels and strikes the ground with his sword. It performs this attack if the player is under it.

battle cry

It screams and stomps on the ground, which does no damage but slightly dazes.

reverse swing

If the player is behind him, Yorm will turn around and perform a swipe attack.


In the second phase, if the player is at a distance, Yhorm lunges forward and attacks with his left hand, which has a long range.

How to defeat Giant Yhorm

You’ll be surprised how little damage you get if you use any melee weapon. This is because the boss is strong against all types of physical damage, so you will have to choose another option. Pyromancy users also face the same problem as the boss is immune to fire. However, sorcerers can use the same spells as them and reduce his health pool.

For all players, there is an alternative way to destroy the boss with several attacks. As mentioned, this is a shamrock boss fight, so you’ll have to use the weapons provided in the arena. As soon as the fight starts, run to the boss throne, where you will find the Storm Ruler.

This weapon can be used by all classes and deals a lot of damage to Yhorm. The Storm Ruler has a special skill that must be used in order to finally deal with Yhorm. You will have to charge up the skill for a few seconds before you can release the Storm you have gathered in your blade. This weapon is especially useful for those who are proficient with melee weapons and pyromancy, as they have no other options.

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