Flawless Hide in V Rising: where to find

In V Rising, you will find different types of skins and skins. One of the end-game items is the Flawless Hide, which only drops from certain enemies. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find the Flawless Hide.

In addition, we will look at several effective methods for extracting this material, as well as what you can do with it. The refuge is located a little away from the Farbane forest, so if you have built your castle here, be prepared for a long journey. First, let’s figure out where you can find this skin.

Enemies that drop Flawless Hide

Unlike normal animal skins, Flawless Hides only drop from werewolves. These are typical humanoid wolves that appear on the map only at 8 pm.

Werewolves are common around the village of Glomgrave, but you can also find them in other areas of the Danley farmlands. If you happen to pass by a lone worker on the path at 8 pm, you may witness his transformation into a werewolf.

Where to farm Flawless Hide

Above, we mentioned that werewolves are most common in the area of ​​the village of Obscurantism. This means that in order to mine Flawless HIde, you should focus on the northeast corner of the map.

We recommend that you leave the castle before 8 pm and go on horseback to the village of Obscurantism.

Note: Flawless Hide cannot be teleported, so if you teleport near a village, you will have to run back.

When it’s 8 pm, you should be near the entrance to Glomgrave Village. All the werewolves in the village are above level 50, and the werewolf leader Willfred, a level V blood bearer, is level 64. Therefore, it is important to have strong weapons and armor, equipment level must be at least 60.

Also, be careful! Instead of going straight to the village, try to distract the werewolves with ranged attacks. One werewolf will drop a large amount of Flawless Hide, allowing you to quickly collect a stack of this material.

Note: Remember that werewolves turn back into humans when the sun rises. In human form, they will not drop the Flawless Hide.

After killing the werewolves in the village, you can mount your horse and head home. Next, let’s look at what can be done with the Flawless Hide.

Using Flawless Hide

Flawless Hide is used to craft Flawless Leather, which requires the following materials.

  • 4 fish oil
  • 20 Flawless Hide

It can be crafted at the Tannery, which can be opened after defeating Frost Archer Kili, located in the Farbane Forest in the bandit camp.

You can encounter this boss quite early, so unlocking and building the tannery should be easy.

Fish fat

Fish Oil can be found in chests all over the map, but you can also get it by putting fish in the Ravager. It’s a monster-like chest that destroys anything you put in it, including fish.

That’s all there is to know about the Flawless Hide. Werewolves can drop up to 100 Flawless Hides at a time, so be sure to head to Obscurant Village at night to get this material!

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